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Mr Magic
"Beat me if you can! Survive if I let you!"

Back in 2008 Caps suggested two books to me about the history of animation. In the case of Warner Bros. it's easy to forget that the WB's first cartoon star was not Bugs Bunny but Porky Pig.

Introduced with a co-star, Beans the Cat, Porky and Beans were designed as a cartoon duo, but Beans never caught on with the public the way Porky did.

Porky was an all-around better character and very likeable. Porky even had a more modern appearance compared to other characters at the time. Notice that Porky had a face instead of a "black face" common among other cartoon characters. 

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Mr Magic
I got mine on eBay last week.

For a cartoon lover like me, this is a must-have.
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"Beat me if you can! Survive if I let you!"