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Mr Magic
Hey Arnold: Road Trip

Helga doesn't have a healthy relationship with her mom, but that changes when they go on a road trip.

Good little mother/daughter episode;

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June's Birthday episode of Leave it to Beaver
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How about the Bewitched episode where Tabitha is born, "And Then There Were Three?" It's not really a Mother's Day episode, but it's an episode about a woman becoming a mother.
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Episode 15, second season of Futurama, which was appropriately enough actually titled "Mother's Day".
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Rick Ace Rhodes
The Rugrats Mother Day Special. It was kind of sad, especially at the end, but it was still a good episode of one of the best Nickelodeon shows of all time.
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it was great to finally see the mystery behind chaz not having a wife, as past episodes prior kept it a secret or never mentioned her at all.
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One of my favorite episodes of Roseanne is a mother's day episode.

In it, Roseanne is still healing from losing her job, and Darlene and Becky want to manipulate her in to allowing them to go to a concert out of town. So they buy her a spa day for mothers day pretending to care and go along with her when she begs them to go with her and have a girl's day.

She finds out their plan as they're leaving and in a rare moment cries in Dan's arms as she explais how they set her up. Dan then confronts Darlene and Becky in their room quite angrily.

Darlene and Becky commit a cruel joke on Roseanne, but it's still a great and funny episode.

I also love the one when they have the Mother's day barbecue. It's just a slice of life episode of the series, with a ton of hilarious moments, and Shelley Winters doing a great job playing Roseanne and Jackie's grandmother.
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Mr Magic
Full House - Granny Tanny

Sure, the jokes were bad, but Doris Roberts as Danny's mother was unforgettable.
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"Wise men say 'Forgiveness is divine.' but never pay full price for late pizza."