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Sorry if some are short.

The real ghostbusters

The first one was set in a hotel or small mansion. There was just one ghost that was small that went upstairs as well as down stairs. It was an early episode with laronzo musik as Peter vakman.

It wasn't sea fright. They went in a boat that crossed a ghost boarder and I remember a grid in it somewhere.


Liono faught Mumra at a forest lake or small river. I dont think it was book of omens. Thats all I can remember from that one sorry.

They had to over come or fight a demon at night time, it was big like the thunder layer which I think had something to do with there fears.

Thundercats episodes sound like:

Dream Master - Mumm-Ra controls the dream selves of the Thundercats.
Excalibur- Mumm-Ra gets Excalibur from the lady in the lake to fight Lion-o with the Sword of Omens

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I dont think it was Excalibur and Im not sure about Dream master its not on youtube. Be great if the other two were found.
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