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In 2016 the manufacturing division of Alcoa was spun-off into an independent new company by the name "Arconic". This new company introduced itself to the American public with a clever new vision of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon "The Jetsons", this time reimagined as live-action, circa 2062.

Sure got my attention. It's been awhile since I've seen a hopeful forecast of the future where the world is clean and bright. 

Maybe I'm the only one tired of the future being dark, dirty and hopeless. Per 2016, the Arconic Jetsons campaign was one of the few bright spots. I think everyone can use more upbeat signs that the future can be better . . . if we want it to be so. 

Wouldn't that be a nice reality? The Earth really does need a bright clean future, and I would love to see this come to fruition. This would be an example of the past predicting the future. So, yes. I do wish Arconic the best with their campaign.
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The Arconic ad campaign has caused many comments surrounding the Jetsons "race". No big deal to me. Ol' George never looked better and daughter Judy looks just like a young Angela Cartwright from "Lost in Space" - 1965.

My generation had a clear task - maintain an economy that works for ordinary people. 

The future can still be bright. What I'm experiencing now is the "dark" before the "dawn", lol.

As for the 1962 Jetsons, I love the YouTube clip from Mark Christiansen. The color has hue-shifted from blue to red, but his upload has a full version of the original closing credits. Many thanks to ABC Television, the young network that gave Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera new animation studio a real boost by airing their work in primetime!

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