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shakin steak
Tonight is the last show. Will you watch it?

The New Yorker published a good article about it. The author captures quite well my own early experience with the show(s). When I was a teenager in the 90s, it felt subversive and awesome.

Looking for something like the first picture above, I found another article which explained that that danger and weirdness came from desperation. Late Night almost didn't make it at the beginning. Letterman had been playing it safe. When cancellation loomed just six weeks in, he decided to go wild, which quickly led to success.

Canned hams, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Rupert's deli, bowling on 53rd St...there's a few things I remember from my personal "classic era" of Late Night and Late Show. Do you have any such fond memories?

I'll tell you what I won't miss, though: Paul Shaffer. His constant brown-nose chuckling really gets on my nerves. Ugh!

I watched the last show and will admit to being extremely depressed after it was all over. I was always a huge Letterman fan and grew up watching the show, so it'll be strange without him. Ending it all with "Everlong" playing over the montage was excellent. I do think Stephen Colbert will be an excellent replacement.

And yes, I agree: Paul Shaffer was pretty d*mn annoying.
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I started watching him during the summer of 95. I was a big fan of him for many years. Then in about 2010 he became unfunny and cranky to me on tv. I did watch the prime time special CBS showed.
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shakin steak
Co-Creator of Late Night Picks Her 5 Favorite Letterman Bits  <-- Posting for me to watch when I get home

Derk, I feel similar. It is a little strange. At least I can be confident that Colbert will be better than James Corden. What a downhill slide he is from Craig Ferguson!

pikachulover, thanks for mentioning the special. I forgot about that. It was really interesting. And sorry that he stopped being entertaining for you.
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