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This is yet another article that's been collecting dust in my drafts right now, but I was considering in making it one of the first split part articles that I've done in a while since I wrote the 'Scared Stupid' articles in the past years. It's possibly going to be the longest too, as the idea is to give a documentary of my aspirations of becoming, and experiencing my years in drawing cartoons, from school years to the present and will also include some ideas that didn't make the cut, or just got scrapped entirely, so most likely it will be a Photog Smurf listed article.

Most likely I'll consider using drawn illustrations for portions of the article as well and being my first article to use them frequently, both to use as a way of showing explanation of certain parts of how I was handling life situations, and for drawing what some of my old creation ideas had looked like (since most of the original sketches had been thrown away or damaged from lack of being preserved properly). But seeing as how few posts I make a day due to time constraints with work, I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to set the article in motion, I just mention it now because I believe it may be the only real original article I'll have written for the site.

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