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It is no secret that Deus Ex (the original) is one of the best game ever made: it was an epic adventure that challenged the player to trust his or her own instincts and deal with the decision they made based on that. The game was as unpredictable as it was deep and fun, and its THREE different finales made for a really long experience that dared to be repeated... you could literally play the game from the beginning to conclusion over and over and be surprised each time, based on your own approaches to different problems.

The game also featured some of the smartest dialogue ever put into a computer screen, including some critics to the US Government and the capitalist system. It was really an intense game that didn't mind to push the limits.

So, it shouldn't be no surprise that the game holds a high praising amongst most gamers, going as far as to be considered the greatest PC Game ever made (fifteen years after its release, on 2000). It is truly a classic and no one should overlook it.

For all the above, this thing that I'm about to introduce you with feels all kinds of weird and yet, all kinds of great. This "Malkavian Mod" just breaks a well-throughout game into a bunch of comedic nonsense that it's warranted to make you laugh a bit (ever wanted to see Manderley rap?).

The game is so broken this way that the most hardcore fans of the original might just feel a little insulted by it. Don't you worry, though! 30 Minutes of laughter make up for it!

This is a playlist containing all the videos so far... got yourself a bucket of popcorn and for the love of God, don't drink anything in front of the computer... you will ruin your keyboard: WATCH!

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"Even though I'm cheating like a btard, this is still surprisingly hard" - Ross Scott.

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Ah two of my favorite games merged together
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