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Hi CaseyJones,

Great to meet you and Welcome to Retro-Daze!

I've always accessed my profile by clicking on my username on the homepage, but you can bring up the edit function clicking on your username wherever you see it. 
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Thank you.  I'm starting to figure things out.  The Thread Format will take some getting used to.
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The stories I could tell you, lol!

I was stumbling around for months when I bought a new computer with Windows 8.1. Had no idea that my operating system wouldn't work with Retro-Daze formatting. Everytime I tried to post in the Forums I found myself bounced out of R-D and planted in the middle of a different website!

My troubles ended when Microsoft upgraded me to Windows 10.
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I made an account here a long while back.  But couldn't remember my screen name.   I hunted for a members section to see if I could spark my memory.  I didn't find one so I just decided to make a new account. lol
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you were a member here? well, welcome back!
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3DS Friend Code: 4124-6332-4341
Name: Benji
Nintendo Network ID: Benjamillion
PSN account ID: benjanime
Welcome! Beware of wallmasters 
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Rick Ace Rhodes
Welcome to the site! Make yourself at home.
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*Insert funny signature here*
Welcome back Casey. We're glad to have you. If you need any other information, I or some of the other members will happily help you out. Just let us know. Enjoy!
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You love this signature.
Mr Magic
Aren't you a Retrojunk member as well?
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BUD: So you’re kinda like Thomas Jefferson?

AL: That I am, Bud.

BUD: Then why do they call him a great man and they call you "butthead"?

AL: Well, if that’s the new word for "patriot," so be it.

- Married with Children
Nice to meet you. I love your username.
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