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5234ArticleBenjanime@Julie there was just something so special about the impact of the dreamcast that made me wish it would have lasted longer on the market, despite what people wanted out of the system. having an interactive memory card alone was just awesome ^^ i'm glad you enjoyed reading it :) Aug 05, 2020View
5233ArticleBenjanime@Julie those invincibility codes were a lifesaver for some of the unexpectedly hard games i once rented and owned! ^^ i also had no idea the game genie was capable of playing different region games, another impressive feat for the device! :DThe fun of Game GenieAug 05, 2020View
5232ArticleJulieI remember having the Game Genie just to make it possible to play the European version of Mega Man: The Wily Wars on my Sega Genesis, and also the Japanese version of Golden Ax III on my American console. Another important use for the Game Genie was the infinite life code for The Adventures of Batman & Robin, making it possible to play this game of impossible difficulty and see all levels of this Sega Technological Institute masterpiece. The fun of Game GenieAug 05, 2020View
5231ArticleJulieMy, what a wonderfully well-written article! ❤ What an above-average vocabulary! ❤ Written by an amazing boy gifted with a high intelligence and an angelic heart of gold. ❤ The Sega Dreamcast is really missed for that unique video quality: sharp, crispy clear video on the screen, with its powerful and genuine 60 frames per second, not sacrificing the actual screen resolution like Sony PlayStation 2 does. A pleasure to look and listen to. The nostalgic games I had were few but of the highest quality: Sonic Adventure (the first one), a major milestone in the franchise. My favorite polygonal Sonic to date in all aspects. And for me at least, it's the symbol of the Dreamcast. Seaman was a pleasant experience for me, contrary to what many report about this game. Always treating Seaman in a courteous and polite manner you gain a smart and pleasant companion to be with. And the Seaman babies were very cute, increasing my love for this game. Shenmue was an ambitious project for the Dreamcast hardware capabilities, but this game was pretty well executed in view of these limitations. Memorable and exciting; walking around the cities was very pleasant. So many great classics including all those perfect arcade conversions, and in some cases superior to the original versions, with Soul Calibur being a good example.The Dreamcast: A dream come trueAug 05, 2020View
5230ArticleMr MagicOh, man. Power Stone! What an experience that was! :)The Dreamcast: A dream come trueAug 04, 2020View
5229ArticleBenjanime@Julie i prefer autumn as well, my precious gem ^^Summer Bummers: The Worst Moments of SummerJul 25, 2020View
5228ArticleJulieI've always been a person who prefers to stay indoors. even at schools and at the jobs I was inside. So I usually don't expose myself to heat. But in the summer it's common for me to sweat, and this becomes inconvenient on certain occasions. By the way, my favorite season is Autumn. ❤Summer Bummers: The Worst Moments of SummerJul 25, 2020View
5227ArticlepikachuloverThe new WWE ice cream sandwiches have no flavor. They only come with 4 different designs; Cena, Randy Savage, Becky Lynch and Roman Regins. Vintage WWF MerchandiseJul 21, 2020View
5226ArticleLadysnowI had one as a kid and keep it for my kids and now my grandkids play with him Remembering Teddy RuxpinJul 17, 2020View
5225ArticleAmandaPandaMcDonalds steak bagel:*(Foods Long Gone: The SequelJul 08, 2020View