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Timewarp: Toys R Us 1987


Goodnight, Summer


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5297ArticleoniparThank, Mr. Magic. Hit some of those links I provided for some great Halloween fun!  Oct 06, 2020View
5296ArticleoniparAnother great one, and I love the illustrations. One of my recurring nightmares as a child had to do with being left a a strange house as my parents drove away over a bridge. Nightmares from my childhoodOct 06, 2020View
5295ArticleoniparNice, I'll definitely check the channel out, thanks! Level Up: 8-bit Entertainment and NostalgiaOct 06, 2020View
5294ArticleMr MagicAnother riveting article, onipar. I hope to one day find a Halloween mixtape somewhere. Until then, I guess I'll have to settle on YouTube for old-school Halloween goodness.The Halloween Wayback MachineOct 06, 2020View
5293ArticleoniparBonus! https://archive.org/details/Halloween-98The Halloween Wayback MachineOct 06, 2020View
5292ArticleOldSchool80sLoved that piece on the filming locations!Bill and Ted's Excellent MerchandiseOct 04, 2020View
5291vhsCoverRetroOtaku620I want this one!CAPTAIN-PLANET-AND-THE-PLANETEERS-DEADLY-GLOWOct 04, 2020View
5290ArticleJulieSo many unknown movies here for me! :O But they seem to be really great. ;) ❤Benjanime's Top Ten Halloween Movie PicksSep 30, 2020View
5289ArticleBenjanime@Julie agreed my love, and soon we'll have plenty of candy to ourselves, and to give out ;)Benjanime's Top Ten Halloween CandiesSep 30, 2020View
5288ArticleJulieSo cute seeing you talk about your favorite candies! ❤ And no way it need to end!! ;) ❤Benjanime's Top Ten Halloween CandiesSep 30, 2020View