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5213ArticlejkatzStill need to watch this movie. I just have to get context for the infamous "Power Glove" scene. Jun 05, 2020View
5212Articlevkimo@Nlogan - Wow, it has been almost a decade..and at least 2 decades since those events transpired. I agree, an excused absence is the way to go, the lack of guilt would make even the Chess Club a blessing.So did the buddy ditch too? His parents must have been at work @Vapor - Me and my friends did that too! After lunch after everyone spilled out, we'd sneak back into the classrooms. It was surreal and I remember one time almost getting caught by the janitor. Good timesPlaying HookyMay 29, 2020View
5211ArticleOldSchool80sI have a Ram Man, too! And he still has his axe.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 6May 29, 2020View
5210ArticleNLoganHas it really been nearly ten years since you wrote this? Wow! My brother and I ditched during junior high. We made a fort in a field for a couple of days. We naively hid from every adult thinking they would call a truancy officer on us. We wised up and just started going to a buddy's house until school got out. We played video games and watched MTV. Eventually the thrill was gone and it got boring. So we went back to class. It was better to be friends with the teachers. I got out of math to play baseball because they were a guy short. Or the time we went on the day long chess club field trip tournament and weren't even on the team, we just knew how to play and they were short people. We played five games contributed to the team score so they didn't forfeit, then played handball in the racquetball court, swam in the pool, and played basketball. Legitimately excused from class was way better.Playing HookyMay 29, 2020View
5209ArticleVaporman87Epic tale of childhood brazenness as only vkimo could tell it. Who knew that a boy scout like vkimo, with his flag shorts and leather fascination, could be so mischievous? I was never inclined or brave enough to skip school for any period of time, though I did spend a few afternoons here and there "skipping" recess. LOL. A group of friends and I called ourselves C.Y.G.A. (Citizens and Young Guardian Avengers)... don't ask. Our mission in the later years of elementary school? To NOT go outside and play when everyone else did for recess. Yeah. We would stay behind and wander the halls of the elementary school trying not to get caught by the teachers and staff. Daring isn't it?Playing HookyMay 19, 2020View
5208ArticleBenjanimehey i remember reading this from retrojunk! such a classic :)Playing HookyMay 19, 2020View
5207ArticleBenjanime@pikachulover despite the high prices they wanted for DVDs and tapes, i honestly miss it. i know some stores might still exist but the one in my area closed down around 2004 i think.Making the anime nerd transitionMay 18, 2020View
5206ArticlepikachuloverI used to go to Suncoast for collectables. I got a Sailor Moon backpack there. They also sold manga there. Making the anime nerd transitionMay 17, 2020View
5205ArticleDynoAirGreat write up! Accurate and thorough cross culture knowledge as well. Cheers.Making the anime nerd transitionMay 16, 2020View
5204ArticleVaporman87I must once again confess that I have not seen The Wizard. It's another film on my long list of '80s/'90s films that I hope to watch one day.The WizardMay 14, 2020View