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5335ArticleMr MagicI still have to watch Advanced Challenge! To say I'm far behind is a gross understatement lol Nov 10, 2020View
5334ArticleMr MagicI thought there was just a video. I didn't know you could scroll down.My Top 10 Gen 1 PokemonNov 10, 2020View
5333Articleechidna64Congrats on publishing an article! It's always great to see fellow pokefans and I'm glad that you included missigno! Formatting can be tricky. My advice would be to use the same size for all your images and then to start with the white background setting. Cheers! My Top 10 Gen 1 PokemonNov 10, 2020View
5331ArticleBenjanimethere was certainly something magical about how much of a fad the pok'emon series was for a while during these times, seeing other kids in school showing off their trading cards, witnessing others in shopping malls trading their creatures from the game boy games, and just huddling around the tv to watch the show, there wasn't a better time to be ready for the new millennium ^^ thanks always for your kind compliments, my love julie ❤Looking back at the Pokemon animeNov 09, 2020View
5330ArticleJulieFor me, the Pokémon times marked the late 90s and early 2000s. I was fascinated when I had my first cartridge, Pokémon Yellow, as my first Game Boy Color game. I'm still a fan of the charismatic and cute series. ❤ I sporadically watched the anime and that only increased the hype and the desire to play the game on the Game Boy Color. The same happened with my Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. I have the 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions but I haven't started playing them yet, but I'm sure I will like them and will want to reach the end. By the way, I still have the game save with two level 100 Mew for Pokémon Yellow. It's worth revisiting sometimes. Thanks very much for the charismatic and very well written article: one more of your admirable talents. ❤Looking back at the Pokemon animeNov 09, 2020View
5329ArticleBenjanime@Julie i could see us walking along those paths in the woods as the leaves begin to fall, and we're hearing them crunch as we walk along the road ^^ i would enjoy every moment of it with you :DThe prelude to AutumnNov 09, 2020View
5328ArticleJulieMe and especially my mom felt really good in the fall. It's our favorite season. The mists and cold of autumn are very reminiscent of Holland, the country my mom descends from, which is why she feels so good and likes autumn so much. And I feel an indescribable sense of peace and belonging. Reading your touching article makes me want to have you as my childhood friend back then. I would have been a much happier child for sure. Thank you for your always well written articles, privileged vocabulary and exciting text. I love you. ❤The prelude to AutumnNov 09, 2020View
5327ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieYou need to work a lot on your formatting. Size your pictures right, format your paragraphs correctly, and drop using backgrounds.My Top 10 Gen 1 PokemonNov 09, 2020View
5326ArticleBenjanime@Vaporman no prob! thanks for reading ^^The prelude to AutumnNov 09, 2020View
5325ArticleBenjanimeit looks like you'll have a long way of properly formatting your articles, it was a challenge just trying to read this. as a rule of thumb, it's always a good idea to make sure your shared images are shrunken down enough to fit in with the text box in the article, but i'll give this article an approve like for a start.My Top 10 Gen 1 PokemonNov 09, 2020View