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5290ArticleJulieSo many unknown movies here for me! :O But they seem to be really great. ;) ❤ Sep 30, 2020View
5289ArticleBenjanime@Julie agreed my love, and soon we'll have plenty of candy to ourselves, and to give out ;)Benjanime's Top Ten Halloween CandiesSep 30, 2020View
5288ArticleJulieSo cute seeing you talk about your favorite candies! ❤ And no way it need to end!! ;) ❤Benjanime's Top Ten Halloween CandiesSep 30, 2020View
5287ArticleBenjanime@Julie and i love you, my precious soon to be wife ;)Benjanime's Halloween RetrospectiveSep 30, 2020View
5286ArticleJulieI need to play thatMonster Party NES game someday. :D And I'm glad to know you have some good memories from your past Halloween days, my cute. ❤ I love you always! ❤Benjanime's Halloween RetrospectiveSep 30, 2020View
5285ArticleoniparThanks so much, Echidna!Halloween Is in My BloodSep 24, 2020View
5284Articleechidna64I love the creativity Onipar and I am glad that you continued your writing journey! Halloween Is in My BloodSep 24, 2020View
5283ArticleoniparFunny thing, after finishing this article, I found the Valentine's Day issue, and you guessed it...I drew horror stuff for that one too! Ha! Tony, Nice! That sounds like just the sort of activity book I would buy. Ben, Oh nice! I have a couple very similar memories. I definitely watched some stuff I shouldn't have at a far too young age. Not sure I grew up normal though :-pHalloween Is in My BloodSep 23, 2020View
5282ArticleBenjanimei can't say i'd ever revisit that bill & ted video game, what other video game has you getting stuck in the grass like flypaper?Bill and Ted's Excellent MerchandiseSep 23, 2020View
5281ArticleBenjanimesad to say i was never able to keep up with their halloween toys, but i did hang on to a glow in the dark ghost candy pail for a while ;)Retro Halloween: Mcdonald's Halloween ToysSep 23, 2020View