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4910ArticleHoju Koolander@vkimo Yeah, Shelley Long can be an acquired taste, but her character in Troop Beverly Hills is a total 180 from Diane on Cheers. Much kinder and goofier, less self-seriousness. Apr 18, 2019View
4909ArticledukenukemOnes I forgot on the list was Broken Sword a tremendous game and Duke Nuekm, kid Chameleon. And Medal of Honor, Uncharted, Flashback, Command and Conquer, Red zone, Golden Axe and Twisted Metal, syndicate wars. Make a tomb raider with Rhona Mitra back in the day, maybe with the coliseum and preastoric part with dinosaurs in it.Games to the big screenApr 16, 2019View
4908ArticleBenjanimei've always wanted to read the original novel of shadows of the empire. i recently played the game again a few years back and the platforming levels really haven't aged all that well. dash just has this weird lack of traction when making turns when he's running and there was this weird auto aim mechanic where it would take a while for dash to aim where you wanted him to.Games to the big screenApr 16, 2019View
4907ArticleVaporman87From this list, I would happily go see films for Mass Effect, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Shinobi, and Streets of Rage. Games to the big screenApr 16, 2019View
4906ArticleOldSchool80sLove it! My favorite is Mrs. Roper for sure.10 Best Cameos In Troop Beverly HillsApr 13, 2019View
4905ArticlevkimoWow, nice connection on the Beverly Hills Cop aspect! I saw fragments of this film over the years, but never one complete sitting. Not sure if I can as Shelley Long's character, Dianne in Cheers gets on my nerves haha10 Best Cameos In Troop Beverly HillsApr 12, 2019View
4904ArticlepikachuloverI like Madness' cover of "It Must be Love". I also enjoy Depeche Mode's cover of "Route 66." It's one of the few uptempo songs Martin Gore sings lead on. Although it was a B-side to "Behind the Wheel". Top Cover Songs of the 80sApr 12, 2019View
4903ArticleCaps 2.0There were many great covers in the 80s, but one of my favorite covers would have to be another Jules Shear cover, in this case, The Bangles' version of "If She Knew What She Wants", which I found to have more energy and passion than Shear's original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu_pNeqAQ-UTop Cover Songs of the 80sApr 10, 2019View
4902ArticleVaporman87What a great list! Some of these hits I didn't realize (or had just forgotten) were covers. Top Cover Songs of the 80sApr 10, 2019View
4900ArticleOldSchool80sLove this! Thanks for sharing.Mickey Mouse Magazine 1988Apr 03, 2019View