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5008ArticleBenjanimeman, i remember being such an avid nickelodeon viewer back in the day that the disney afternoon just flew right past me. i still watched their cartoons but i had no recollection of that block whatsoever. dbz was probably toonami's biggest hit on their block for a while until they really got off the ground in the 2000s with a ton of more anime. i'm a little upset that the toonami brand has been reduced to a late night schedule, but as long as i'm still hearing steve blum as tom, i'm somewhat happy :) Aug 15, 2019View
5007ArticleBenjanimewow, i thought this sounded familiar, it totally reminds me of shelly duvall's bedtime stories! this was a pretty neat in-depth look at rabbit ears and their work. great first article!Rabbit Ears Productions: A RetrospectiveAug 15, 2019View
5006ArticleBenjanimeright? that and having to leave any gas cans somewhere in the shade when lawn mowing as well. earning allowances has its sacrifices i guess, lol.Summer Bummers: The Worst Moments of SummerAug 15, 2019View
5005ArticleBenjanimewithout the power charger cable i think my parents would have been complaining left and right about constantly buying batteries lol, i enjoyed it more than the game boy myself!Remembering the Sega Game GearAug 15, 2019View
5004ArticleVaporman87So the tune wasn't ABOUT Rosanna, but the band did title the song after her. That's a cool little tidbit I didn't know before!Rosanna Arquette connected to two 80s hit songsAug 15, 2019View
5003ArticleVaporman87I had never heard of Rabbit Ears before you came along. This was a very thorough and interesting breakdown of it's history though. Nicely done!Rabbit Ears Productions: A RetrospectiveAug 15, 2019View
5002ArticleVaporman87I actually preferred the Game Gear over the Game Boy for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it seemed to have more advanced graphics.Remembering the Sega Game GearAug 15, 2019View
5001ArticleVaporman87This was a great idea for an article. One thing that really gets to me is the heat generated from surfaces in the sun too long. Anything really. I've had to pour water on my lawn mower seat to cool it down before!Summer Bummers: The Worst Moments of SummerAug 15, 2019View
5000ArticleCaps 2.0I'm sorry you didn't like the interview, Casey. If I may explain something, though, those verbal tics you pointed out are a result of Asperger's Syndrome. Many people like myself on the spectrum had those tics. Also, if my questions seemed too prepared and it seemed like I was in a rush to you, it's because, in all honesty, I didn't have the familiarity with Adam's work that I do with most of the other talents I've been fortunate enough to interview over the years.A Talk With Adam F. GoldbergAug 10, 2019View
4999ArticleOzKingI had this exact Super Soaker XP 105 model with double bubble water reservoir and a water bottle size tank... crank this baby up to 105 pumps as that's what we all knew the model number stood for.. Yep.. 105 if you're stringy arms could hold that much pressure and withstand the 2 and a half minutes of pumping to 105 counting slowly to make sure you could ramp the pressure up. Do it too fast and you'll allow air to escape and have to start over. Pretty much we usually only got to 50 because we were kids and we had wars to get to. Super Soaker war, anywhere but in the house. All of us would take our Soakers to the Boys and Girls club. It wasn't school so they couldn't really go against it.. so they'd take 30 to 50 of us to parks down the street so we can go buck wild with water balloon fights. The cool ones had the Super Soakers, mostly 50's or 75's and we came prepared. The less fortunate guys would have their tiny palm size pink water pistol snug in their mouth pulling the trigger and drinking the water. Yep, they must have been thirsty.. but now as an adult it could have been mimicking a cry for help and putting them out of their non-Super-Soaker-having misery... because not even those pink pistols with their cheapo plug would hold water as it dripped down their elbows.Super Soaking Your VictimsAug 07, 2019View