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5244ArticleoniparMan I used to love Game Genie. Strangely, one of my favorite things about it was receiving those periodical update sin the mail with new codes. I'll have to dig my NES and Game Genie out for a spin next weekend.  Aug 16, 2020View
5243ArticleTulsaman918I would be creeped out to Childhood FearsAug 12, 2020View
5242ArticleBenjanime@Julie i would have loved the convenience of flash carts if i had known about them sooner ^^ but at the time of the GBA being out i was too busy thinking about high school and of course, dealing with my stepdad at home ^^;The Nintendo Handheld Experience Part 1Aug 06, 2020View
5241ArticleMr MagicThank you, Game Genie for taking my game to the next level.The fun of Game GenieAug 05, 2020View
5239ArticleJulieA very cute article as always, my cute boy. ;) ❤ I had my first Game Boy in 1995, with my first cartridges being Daffy Duck and Power Rangers. After a while, I got Tetris and Super Mario Land. Then I had the pink Game Boy Pocket with those pirated cartridges with several games inside. Game Boy Color I had after the year 2000, along with a pirated copy of Pokémon Yellow and Speedy Gonzales. It was then that I spent my afternoons playing Pokémon for the first time until finishing it. ❤ My first Game Boy Advance SP came with a pirated copy of the Japanese version of Street Fighter Alpha but I soon did buy him a flashcart, an amazing novelty at the time that came to save us from having few games while we wanted so many others. In 2013 I replaced my Dingoo A-320, a chinese portable emulator that didn't last more than three years due to the poor quality of everything that comes from china, I traded it for a Nintendo DS and I also did buy the DSTwo so I could have all the games that I wanted immediately and in a single cartridge. The New Nintendo 3DS XL I bought at the same time as the PlayStation Vita. Compatible with Xenoblade Chronicles and also with its Sky 3DS Plus flashcart. As with the DS, I played a lot of Mario Kart 7 and Tomodachi Life. :DThe Nintendo Handheld Experience Part 1Aug 05, 2020View
5238ArticleBenjanime@Julie i'm sorry that had to happen to you! :( bullies are the absolute worst and i couldn't imagine what they were doing to you as some have done to me in the past. hopefully your freedom will be worth looking forward to after you leave college ^^Getting up on school morningsAug 05, 2020View
5237ArticleJulieMy memories of getting ready for the bus to get to school in my elementary and high school years, as well as my years of college and work, are not at all pleasant, because I used to be bullied as soon as I put my foot out of the house. Yes, bullying start (to this day) in the neighborhood, walking to the bus or coming home, on the same stretch. I think it's better not to go into details of how it happens because it's disgusting and reporting it won't help. Inside the bus, the same thing, both on the way to and from school or college or work: bullying. Arriving at school, college or work, something new: bullying. At least the school and college teachers treated me well, the only ones who did it. And that motivated me to finish my studies. At work, when I had colleagues who treated me well, I was always a very small minority. Until the day when I was returning from the college, on the bus, I was threatened with death by three or four marginal residents of my neighborhood. From that day on, my father had to take me and pick me up every day from college until I started and finished the driving school, because I was not willing to risk my life. Since then I never got on a bus in my life, nowadays I only drive by necessity. But it's okay. :)Getting up on school morningsAug 05, 2020View
5236ArticleMr MagicI always hoped that someday Nick would take over my school.Back to School Again with NickelodeonAug 05, 2020View
5235ArticleBenjanimei'd say up until high school i didn't mind going back to school, my middle school years were fine because i had classmates at the time who were into pok'emon as i was and that was the time that we would trade cards with one another and share rumors about the games.Back to School Again with NickelodeonAug 05, 2020View
5234ArticleBenjanime@Julie there was just something so special about the impact of the dreamcast that made me wish it would have lasted longer on the market, despite what people wanted out of the system. having an interactive memory card alone was just awesome ^^ i'm glad you enjoyed reading it :)The Dreamcast: A dream come trueAug 05, 2020View