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5255ArticleoniparGlad you enjoyed, Vkimo! Yeah, I feel like ten was that perfect summer age.  Aug 27, 2020View
5254ArticlevkimoSome ages and experiences just go together like PB&J - 10 and Summer like you mentioned, 16 and in love, 35 and balding...Great readSummer's EndAug 27, 2020View
5253ArticleoniparGreat article! I sorta missed the Pokemon boat somehow. I think the recent Detective Pokemon was the first Pokemon related entertainment I ever consumed, despite having that Pokemon 20000 movie on VHS at one point. Pokemania: Pokemon The Movie 2000 Twenty Years LaterAug 26, 2020View
5252ArticleoniparHaha, thanks. I find myself comparing far too many things to cannibals these days. :-p Glad you enjoyed! I was feeling the end of summer acutely this year and thought I'd translate it through my childhood. Summer's EndAug 26, 2020View
5251ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieTo me the first movie slowly became well aged cheese. Not the best, but its still fun to watch what I used to like as a kid. Now though, I think Detective Pikachu is the cream of the crop of Pokemon films. Pokemania: Pokemon The Movie 2000 Twenty Years LaterAug 26, 2020View
5250ArticleBenjanimepersonally i found the first movie much more memorable, i very rarely watched 2000 because, well, this was at the time when the card game was already banned from schools and at this time and i didn't have any personal friends to play the card game with anymore. i remember catching it on cartoon network a couple of times but the only thing i remember about it was the legendary birds plotline and that was it. oh, and mezase master from retrojunk quoting some of the lines once, lol.Pokemania: Pokemon The Movie 2000 Twenty Years LaterAug 26, 2020View
5249ArticleVaporman87Ha! This was so great. I love that you compared the end of Summer to a starving cannibal! ROFL! Well done, sir. Truly a fitting tribute to all of the Summer finales we have all experienced. Definitely rings true for me.Summer's EndAug 26, 2020View
5247ArticleHoju Koolander@egome2 we can definitely relate. Never became a Juggalo myself, but glad you dug the return of the rock n' wrestling connection as much as I did.Wrestling with the 90'sAug 22, 2020View
5246ArticleretroboyI use hating geeting up for school in the mornings when I was a kidGetting up on school morningsAug 22, 2020View
5245ArticleoniparNickelodeon was such a huge part of my childhood. I used to love any extra little promotion that would make the end of summer a little less devastating. Back to School Again with NickelodeonAug 16, 2020View