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5358ArticleBenjanime@onipar honestly i'm all out of ideas for christmas articles, so it was the last thing to come to mind lol! @Mr Magic i figured i'd try something a little different :P Jan 06, 2021View
5357ArticleMr MagicAw, Ben! Why'd you have to make an article on post-Christmas?! It's not exactly a happy time! Oh, my poor heart...The Aftermath of ChristmasJan 06, 2021View
5356ArticleoniparLooks like our heads were in a similar space while writing our newest articles! The "boxing up" of the holidays was always a sad affair for me, but otherwise very similar to what you describe. We'd always wait until January 1st at the absolute earliest before tearing down the tree and decorations. Leftovers are always a big thing for me, and I'm still, even now, constructing little antipasto platters with the leftover cheese, crackers, olives, and salami. The Aftermath of ChristmasJan 06, 2021View
5355ArticleBenjanime@Julie thanks so much for reading, my love, i love you too!The Aftermath of ChristmasJan 05, 2021View
5354ArticleJulieMy experiences are similar, there's nothing for me to add here except the fact that I invented different boxes or bags for the different ornaments here. Your cute articles always melt my heart. ❤ I love you so much, my @Benjanime! ❤The Aftermath of ChristmasJan 05, 2021View
5353ArticleBaby Jessica KaczynskiAhhh, RJ. I remember you well. Great article, akimbo. Remembering RetroJunkDec 16, 2020View
5352ArticlevkimoI found out more than once that the 2nd place price was better than the first. I'd much rather have a cool prop than a trip.Bill and Ted's Excellent MerchandiseDec 12, 2020View
5351ArticleBenjanime@twcfan92 your name is familiar, were you on retrojunk at one point?Favorite childhood toys growing upNov 21, 2020View
5350Articletwcfan92The only toy I had here was Tomy Turnin' Turbo. We had a number of Hot Wheels sets, though. Hard to decide a favorite, but I was partial to Legos, Game Boy, Super Nintendo, and Micro Machines.Favorite childhood toys growing upNov 21, 2020View
5349Articletwcfan92My mom's typical Thanksgiving dinner consisted of: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes (with marshmallows on top), cranberries from a can, green bean casserole, some kind of rolls, and pumpkin pie. And I liked all of it (even the cranberries). No tiers for me.Ranking Thanksgiving foods from childhoodNov 21, 2020View