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5158ArticleJulieI remember reading this article before. Whatever, as always very well written and with an above average vocabulary, making reading very pleasant, not to mention the various touching reports. Another awesome article from Benjanime. ❤ Mar 31, 2020View
5157ArticleBenjanimethese sound very familiar, i might have bought these mints at some point in another state but they just haven't shown up in my home state. i doubt i'm missing much though, i see other brands like this which might just have the same flavors somewhere.CertsMar 31, 2020View
5156Articleegome2My all time favorite was Vampiro and The demon cause I loved their gimmicks and loved the fact that I got to see Kiss and The Misfits on wrestling and the fact that I got to see two things I love witch are punk,metal and rock and wrestling come alive in one place for me was mind blowing but I was immediately hooked again for sure in the late 90s early 2000s when ICP or Insane Clown Posse came up to WCW to team up with Vampiro to form the tag team The Dark Canival and had Vampiro tag team alongside Shaggy 2 dope and Violent J was the moment I was immediately hooked cause by that time ICP came to WCW cause by that time I went from being a full blown punk to a full Blown ninja (juggalo) also WHOOP WHOOP MWFL! yeah I just knew where I belonged when I saw all three of my favorite bands come together but personally Vampiros Dark Carnival gimmick was the most iconic and memorable for me that I remember cause without it I would have never known what being a juggalo is about or would have never turned to one and thanks to WCW I found my family and love the ninjas to death and helped me hear something that was ever heard of for me from then on I found out of groups like twiztid,ABK,Zug Island and would have never heard the 6 jokers cards from Carnival of Carnage to my favorite the Wraith and Wraith Shangri-LaWrestling with the 90'sMar 30, 2020View
5155ArticlemassrealityI would have loved a portable Dreamcast! I don't think the memory cards would have worked so well but it would have been nice.Video game rumors from school discussionsMar 17, 2020View
5154Articlecomic_book_fanthe gamegear was awesome the carrying case had a flap in the front perfect for comics you could carry all of your games and batteries and it doubled as a tv and it really was pretty much a portable sega genesis and you could watch tv on it perfect for camping or long boring family trips better than gameboy in every way if you could keep plenty batteries Remembering The Sega Game Gear Mar 17, 2020View
5153ArticleHoju KoolanderGlad to see the series return from hiatus! Fascinating discussion about what "Adamantium Laced" could really mean.Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 20Mar 16, 2020View
5152ArticleBenjanimeafter all these unnecessary CG edits that Lucas has added in the older movies, i took it upon myself to find fanedits where all that garbage was removed and watching the films in their authentic way as they were really meant to be watched. no more CG monster butt getting in the way of an important scene.1995 - The Birth of a Star Wars Fan Mar 10, 2020View
5151ArticleNLoganExcellent! A most enjoyable read.1995 - The Birth of a Star Wars Fan Mar 10, 2020View
5150ArticleNLoganAlso in reviewing the wording in X-Men Annual 5,"Wolverine extends his unbreakable Adamantium claws from their housings in the backs of his hands" it is open for interpretation as to whether or not it is referring to the glove housings acting like a casing that covers the openings on the gloves or to actual bionic housings meaning a niche or built-in-structure (cavity with frame)in his actual hands that permit the claws to extend from his forearms into his hands and then extend out. Either way it is the first time it is mentioned. Because bionic has yet to be used as the describing adjective for the housing, I lean towards the housings described being in the gloves (for now); as it does not have the artificial mechanical component inserted into the body as bionic specifically implies (that will be used later in the next chronological issue, Uncanny X-Men 151.) In 151 it specifically says, "He also possesses Adamantium claws which extend through openings in the backs of both hands from housings built into his forearms." The housings in the forearms are the very definition of bionic being built into his arm and providing a cavity or recess with a structure to house his claws. But from that sentence it still does not mention whether or not the same channel or structure is in the back of his hands only that the claws extend through openings. Since no visible wounds or openings have been seen (because his healing factor would seal them) the openings may be a bionic channel built into his hands.Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 20Mar 10, 2020View
5145ArticleNLoganWell I guess that is what I get for taking a nearly 3 year break from this series. I have made an error. I state that the retcon about Wolverine's skeleton being laced with Adamantium in issue 151 is the first time it appears in canon. However I had already found an instance in the previous issue 150 in dialog that Nightcrawler says that it is "laced" instead of made of Adamantium. See Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 19. Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 20Mar 09, 2020View