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5183ArticleBenjanimebeing on the autism spectrum i still show signs of childlike qualities, i like collecting toy figures, something that my older siblings have grown out of since their teens. though, it's more of an emphasis on collecting than playing with. i don't have any other family members or friends that take this same particular interest, so i guess this sets a good example that my childhood has been reflected into my adulthood. Apr 18, 2020View
5182ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieI met the person who has a Pikabug. Pok'emon Power MagazineApr 18, 2020View
5181ArticleNLogan​​My Rammy thanks your Rammy! <p><img alt="" height="755" src="" width="500" /></p>Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 6Apr 12, 2020View
5180ArticleBenjanimeit's unfortunate just how short the toxic crusaders show was. i'd only ever known about the sega genesis game because of how young i was and i only got to see the more familiar cartoons on network timeslots. but then i saw the official youtube video uploads from troma and lloyd kaufman kept using this same intro before an episode saying how the network executives were hellspawn. like i get that he was upset about them cancelling the show but making people sit through the same intro made it seem like he was having an ego trip. oh well. as always, a nice thorough read down memory lane with some toys i clearly missed out on.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 6Apr 12, 2020View
5178ArticleFlixtheCatJrThis is pretty much a remake of "The Apartment." I recommend that if you enjoyed this. Great film.Loser Review (2000)Apr 12, 2020View
5177ArticleBenjanimethanks again for the feedback everyone! ^^ @Julie thanks! :) it was fun to look back and write my own experience in remembering all of these ^^Pok'emon Spinoff GamesApr 07, 2020View
5176ArticleJulieAs always, I congratulate you on the very well written article, with carefully chosen vocabulary and the good taste of the writer is evident throughout the article. I got to know all the games through magazine articles of the time; they helped to increase and keep the hype high, so much that I like the Pokémon franchise to this day. However, the only game I've never heard of before was that Pokémon Channel (2003), not least because gaming magazines stopped being published before this date. Awesome article! ❤️Pok'emon Spinoff GamesApr 07, 2020View
5175ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieI can remember playing most of these. Good article. Pok'emon Spinoff GamesApr 07, 2020View
5174ArticleMr MagicWill it pay the electric bill?'emon Spinoff GamesApr 07, 2020View
5173ArticleMr MagicI haven't played any Pokemon games after beating "Ruby" and "Emerald". I still have to finish watching the "Advanced Battle/Challenge" episodes.The Pok'emon Fad: The After YearsApr 06, 2020View