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5267ArticleBenjanimei used to have a couple of buckets of that nickelodeon gak stuff, and my mom absolutely hated my stepdad for letting us have it, as it was known to leave some pretty nasty stains on carpeting and furniture. Sep 04, 2020View
5266ArticleoniparHa, this is great! Man, I did so many risky things as a kid. It was rare we got caught or hurt, but it did happen. I would have killed to have train tracks near me as a kid. I just had the subway :-p Risky business: Summer activitiesSep 04, 2020View
5265ArticleoniparMr. Magic, ah that's too bad. It was a little different than your standard slime...almost like the lovechild of slime and silly putty. Vaporman, the slime pit! I still love the gross out toys and games. I have a couple Dr Dreadful sets and creepy crawlers setups in my closet right now.For the Love of SlimeSep 04, 2020View
5264ArticleVaporman87Just exploring like usual. Risky business: Summer activitiesSep 04, 2020View
5263ArticleMr MagicSadly I never had the Gak experience.For the Love of SlimeSep 04, 2020View
5262ArticleMr MagicWhat were you guys doing in the woods? Looking for a body like those kids in Stand by Me? XDRisky business: Summer activitiesSep 04, 2020View
5261ArticleVaporman87It was the beginning of the "gross out" market! Slime, hideous toys, etc. were everywhere by the mid-80s. But yeah... I think of slime, I think of the Slime Pit for sure.For the Love of SlimeSep 04, 2020View
5260ArticleVaporman87I rarely got in trouble. But I did get hurt doing stupid stuff. Like going down into the woods and swinging from vines, only to lose my grip and land on my back -- knocking the wind out of me real good. My step-brother at that time had an accident on that same vine. On the back-swing, he smashed into another tree, right in the groin. Ouch. He had to have stitches even. Couldn't wear underwear for a week or two. Then there were our numerous crashes riding a wagon down the hill leading to our houses. Risky business: Summer activitiesSep 04, 2020View
5259ArticleVaporman87We always returned to school the third or final week of August. I know this because the County Fair was the “last hurrah” of Summer for us (and was held the second week of August) and we would see kids from school there knowing that we’d be seeing them again in just a week or two.Summer's EndSep 01, 2020View
5258ArticleoniparBenjanime, Oh yeah, I can relate. Living in Brooklyn, we did some questionable things as kids. Probably lucky we didn't get hurt. Mr. Magic, Thanks! Yeah, that's so true. I was surprised kids were already back to school when I found out this year. Especially because I don't start teaching until Monday (college).Summer's EndAug 29, 2020View