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5193ArticlevkimoDidn't Mystery Science Theater do an episode on this? May 04, 2020View
5192ArticleMr MagicFlix, have you ever seen the Nicktoon "The Loud House"? There was an episode where Lincoln and his dad went on LOTHT.Memories of Olmec and Legends of the Hidden TempleMay 04, 2020View
5191ArticleVaporman87I will confess, this is one of those films from the '80s that I have yet to watch. However, during this lockdown situation I have been scratching a few films like this off my list (most recently 'Dune') so I may finally get around to enjoying this one. I love the car design. The Wraith - An 80's Cult Classic May 04, 2020View
5190ArticleVaporman87By the time these kid game shows became popular, I was already off to college. It is shows like this that I wish I could have enjoyed during my prime kid years, as I know I would have totally enjoyed them.Memories of Olmec and Legends of the Hidden TempleMay 04, 2020View
5189ArticleretrocrunchThere was a old playground where my grandparents lived that I loved as a kid. Like others, its been torn down and replaced with new equipment. My favorite was a 25 foot tall swingset that had about 10 swings across. We would do back flips off it, see who can jump out farthur, have swing wars, and all sorts of fun. That was the tallest swing I ever went on and I havent seen any nowadays that comes close. Everyones afraid of suits. Good times back then, miss those playgrounds.Castles of YesteryearApr 26, 2020View
5188ArticleretrocrunchI remember that TMNT show and them bringing in a female turtle. Not my cup of tea for a show and not the TMNT I grew up with.. I passed on it too. Great article BTW.The Rise and Fall of TMNTApr 26, 2020View
5187ArticleVaporman87Ahhh man. What a great read. I've watched M*A*S*H in bits in pieces... mostly during my youth. I just never could get into it, but that was likely a result of my young mind too obsessed with Masters of the Universe and Atari to watch a war dramedy. But there is no denying its importance in the annals of television. Such a huge phenomenon that will likely never be surpassed. Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen - M*A*S*H Memories Apr 24, 2020View
5186ArticleVaporman87Ludicrously thorough and well put-together as always man!Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 21Apr 20, 2020View
5185ArticleBenjanime@ThatDudeintheHoodie aww i'm jealous! lol @Julie when i heard about the mew glitch i just had to catch it once the games got rereleased on the 3DS! ^^ great to hear that you got it to maximum level :)Pok'emon Power MagazineApr 19, 2020View
5184ArticleJulieNeedless to say, where I live there was never a Pokémon event, so Mew has always been an exclusive feature of the United States, Japan and Europe. Fortunately, the Mew character algorithm is contained in all Pokémon Blue, Red and Yellow cartridges. Thanks to the glitch posted on the internet, I have two Mew level 100 each. Very satisfactory to capture and keep them in my team. I particularly like Pokémon very much, so for me the fashion hasn't passed. Consciously. Excellent article as always, very well written and pleasant to read. Another positive point for Benjanime on the Retro-Daze website and on all social networks out there. ❤Pok'emon Power MagazineApr 19, 2020View