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5277ArticleMr MagicI actually bought some vintage Halloween McNugget Buddies this year. Sep 22, 2020View
5276ArticleoniparOh no! I didn't remember the stuff staining. I wonder if they ever incurred any kind of lawsuits for that. For the Love of SlimeSep 22, 2020View
5275ArticleoniparYou know, it's funny, I didn't get to go to McDonald's much as a kid, and yet even I have at one time or another owned the Halloween pails and toys. They really are a pervasive part of the holiday for so many people. Retro Halloween: Mcdonald's Halloween ToysSep 22, 2020View
5274VideooniparYes!Merry Christmas from Michael BiehnSep 07, 2020View
5273VideooniparNice! I'm only just seeing these Christmas messages now because I'd been MIA, but this was very cool. Merry Christmas from Joey LawrenceSep 07, 2020View
5272ArticleretrocrunchWhen i think of Bullies, it always reminds me of the movie My Bodyguard. great movie and it highlights so well the pain of being bullied. Luckily, the boy in the film had someone to protect him, and even he was bullied. Being BulliedSep 06, 2020View
5271ArticleJulie@Benjamine, he was clearly sarcastic with you in that "question" and you didn't notice his poison in his sarcasm. That man is a monster, period! No wonder nobody likes him. My house is blessed and I will never accept that demon inside my house!!Risky business: Summer activitiesSep 06, 2020View
5270ArticleBenjanime@julie i should actually mention, a couple of years ago my stepdad asked me why i didn't have anymore daring days out like this, and i specifically told him it was because of the punishments he gave me, sounding like he didn't need to apologize :/Risky business: Summer activitiesSep 05, 2020View
5269ArticleJulieAs we talked about before, I am and will always be against punishment. Punishment, beating, none of this educates!! On the contrary, it teaches that parents do not love their children!! There are many humanized ways to educate a child, with love as the first and fundamental rule. This is so obvious. I'm not surprised to see children becoming adults and abandoning their parents; this is justified, and it's very sad to see this vicious loop in societies around the world. Too much lack of love results in too much wrong things and it becomes a vicious loop. Children need love from their parents, and this also implies the physical presence of that love from parents to children. Risky business: Summer activitiesSep 05, 2020View
5268ArticleBenjanime@vaporman i would have enjoyed the heck out of attempting to swing from vines like tarzan, lol. but i got myself hurt a few times as well, skinning my knees on the ground was common. @onipar i would have mentioned it in my article, but i actually revisited the train track path years later when i was in high school and was able to go much farther down than i did all those years ago, even going past downtown, i was gone for about five or so hours.Risky business: Summer activitiesSep 05, 2020View