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5374ArticleBenjanime@Julie the magazines i saw them advertised in made them look so fun and interesting to have, and i remember seeing some even giving their own reviews too ;) i'm glad to see the switch getting its own accessories too, it really takes me back! thanks for your overwhelmingly cute compliments my love, and thanks for reading! Jan 20, 2021View
5375ArticleoniparI used to love Earthworm Jim. I don't think I ever played anything past the original Genesis game though. That'd be cool if they made a new one that was accessible. The rise, fall, and resurgence of Earthworm JimJan 21, 2021View
5376Article I bought those subtitled Sailor Moon VHS tapes at Suncoast! I wanted the episodes with Sailor Saturn that were never going to make it to this country. My dad just dug out that old VHS with the home-printed stickers on the side. Going to watch next weekend. What a great memory for a nerdy kid in the 90s.Making the anime nerd transitionFeb 01, 2021View
5377ArticleVaporman87I can't say I ever felt anything for the girls in my elementary school, save for one who was only there for one school year. So for me, during that time, Valentine's Day was the chance for candy and doing crafts.Getting the shaft after Valentines DayFeb 04, 2021View
5378ArticleJulieIt never happened to me to feel this kind of feeling when I was a child. This was an "adult thing" for me, so I wanted to get away from it (in fact I never wanted to grow up, and I'm not ashamed to say this here in a comment to an article written by my future husband @Benjanime). ❤ The first time in my life I found a good-looking boy was my Science teacher from the last year of elementary school. I was fifteen at the time. But of course I would never take it any further or let him know. Until today I never dated in person but that will change when I graduate from college and go to my beloved @Benjanime. ❤ My congrats on the charismatic and well written article, as always. It only shows how sensitive and human you are, my love. ❤Getting the shaft after Valentines DayFeb 05, 2021View
5379ArticleBenjanime@Vaporman87 to be fair, this was at least very brief for me, so it didn't concern my parents after they'd heard about it. @Julie i'm glad you waited, my love, i couldn't imagine the girl's parents getting upset knowing that i kissed her, and i'd rather not have gone through getting in trouble by my own parents, so my teacher was a life saver. and i thank you so much for choosing me as your husband, great things will unfold in our future home together ❤Getting the shaft after Valentines DayFeb 05, 2021View
5380ArticlepikachuloverI still have my Pokémon carrying case with my Game Boy color still in it. I remember them being sold at KB on Black Friday. I found mine a few months later at a Big Lots store. Mine is purple with black trim. The world of Game Boy Color AccessoriesFeb 05, 2021View
5381ArticleVaporman87That is incredibly awesome! I can't imagine how excited you must have been to receive a reply from Hasbro! And then the utter disappointment of actually reading it. I've never heard of a "toy broker". I wonder if that is even a real position anymore? That Hasbro never made a troll with a "front butt" is also disappointing. LOLBattling the TrollsFeb 10, 2021View
5383ArticleBenjanimei used to wonder what it would be like sending in my own toy ideas to a familiar toy company too, but i was never bold enough to write a letter at all due to my messy handwriting. props on receiving feedback from hasbro though, i'll bet your parents were impressed!Battling the TrollsFeb 10, 2021View
5385Articleechidna64Great story! Reading between the lines, I think that they really liked your ideas (especially since they attached a list of toy brokers) but probably couldn't comment publicly due to legal reasons. Battling the TrollsFeb 10, 2021View