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5333Articleechidna64Congrats on publishing an article! It's always great to see fellow pokefans and I'm glad that you included missigno! Formatting can be tricky. My advice would be to use the same size for all your images and then to start with the white background setting. Cheers!  Nov 10, 2020View
5334ArticleMr MagicI thought there was just a video. I didn't know you could scroll down.My Top 10 Gen 1 PokemonNov 10, 2020View
5335ArticleMr MagicI still have to watch Advanced Challenge! To say I'm far behind is a gross understatement lolLooking back at the Pokemon animeNov 10, 2020View
5336ArticleVaporman87Fixed it with green text. Agent Pixel: Forgotten Hero and Lost Nicktoon of the WebNov 11, 2020View
5337Articleechidna64Looking better dude!Agent Pixel: Forgotten Hero and Lost Nicktoon of the WebNov 12, 2020View
5338ArticleRetroOtaku620Kudos to Vaporman87 for fixing my article. Thanks, dude! I owe you one!Agent Pixel: Forgotten Hero and Lost Nicktoon of the WebNov 12, 2020View
5339ArticleVaporman87Okay so for me, I would move stuffing way down to the D tier, LOL. Never really cared for it. I would move the sweet potatoes up in their place (caramelized with brown sugar, the way mom made them). Next, I would take cranberry sauce off the list entirely. Blech!!! Carrots too. And probably squash. In their place, I would put butter noodles, rolls, and some kind of casserole. Yeah. That would hit the spot just right! Great idea for a Thanksgiving article Ben! Thanks for this. It was fun.Ranking Thanksgiving foods from childhoodNov 16, 2020View
5340ArticleVaporman87Thanks again Ben, for a peak inside the life of someone dealing with autism, and it's real world effects. Autism and video games: A connectionNov 16, 2020View
5341ArticleMr MagicI could eat this article up lol For me, it's: Turkey Ham Stuffing Mashed potatoes Mac and cheese Sweet potatoes sweet teaRanking Thanksgiving foods from childhoodNov 16, 2020View
5342ArticleMr MagicI was also a Legos nut growing up.Favorite childhood toys growing upNov 16, 2020View