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5220ArticleVaporman87@Daddymus Prime: That's hilarious! I used to put my Information Society album in there. LOL Jul 03, 2020View
5221ArticleMr MagicI even had a compilation of Namco classics. It had: Dig-Dug, Pac-Man 2, Galaga and Pole Position.The Nintendo Handheld Experience Part 2Jul 03, 2020View
5222ArticleMr MagicWhen I was a kid, I had a Shawn Michaels figure. He wasn't in his "Heartbreak Kid" attire, but his "Rocker" attire.Vintage WWF MerchandiseJul 03, 2020View
5223ArticleBenjanimeteddy ruxpin was past my time, but i could see my older sister owning one.Remembering Teddy RuxpinJul 05, 2020View
5224ArticleOldSchool80sFun memories! Thanks, as always, for sharing!Vintage WWF MerchandiseJul 05, 2020View
5225ArticleAmandaPandaMcDonalds steak bagel:*(Foods Long Gone: The SequelJul 08, 2020View
5226ArticleLadysnowI had one as a kid and keep it for my kids and now my grandkids play with him Remembering Teddy RuxpinJul 17, 2020View
5227ArticlepikachuloverThe new WWE ice cream sandwiches have no flavor. They only come with 4 different designs; Cena, Randy Savage, Becky Lynch and Roman Regins. Vintage WWF MerchandiseJul 21, 2020View
5228ArticleJulieI've always been a person who prefers to stay indoors. even at schools and at the jobs I was inside. So I usually don't expose myself to heat. But in the summer it's common for me to sweat, and this becomes inconvenient on certain occasions. By the way, my favorite season is Autumn. ❤Summer Bummers: The Worst Moments of SummerJul 25, 2020View
5229ArticleBenjanime@Julie i prefer autumn as well, my precious gem ^^Summer Bummers: The Worst Moments of SummerJul 25, 2020View