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5131VideoBenjanimeweird how none of my recent video submissions never got uploaded. hmm... Feb 24, 2020View
5132VideoVaporman87I know Rick Ace Rhodes has mentioned there were some videos that weren’t working and he couldn’t approve. Maybe yours was among them. I’ll check it out.Paula Abdul for Reebok (1989)Feb 24, 2020View
5133VideoMr Magic@Ben: I thought I had submitted at least one video or two. But I haven't seen it uploaded.Paula Abdul for Reebok (1989)Feb 24, 2020View
5134ArticleVaporman87In my youth, I had several of the figures. I recall not liking the varying heights of the characters. Lion-O was like a giant, while Panthro was like the ThunderCats version of Wolverine... short and stubby. That annoyed me. Plus I was used to the MOTU style of figure, with all the characters being the same height, proportion, etc. Still, the cartoon was awesome and there was tons of other cool merch out there.Vintage ThunderCats MerchandiseMar 05, 2020View
5135ArticleBenjanimedid you guys hear that some new thundercats figures are on the way? ThunderCats MerchandiseMar 05, 2020View
5136ArticleJulieThese new figures are much more detailed and faithful than those launched at the time. Thanks for the links, @Benjanime.Vintage ThunderCats MerchandiseMar 05, 2020View
5137ArticleVaporman87@Ben: I did indeed, and they look great. As Julie said, much more faithful to the cartoon designs.Vintage ThunderCats MerchandiseMar 06, 2020View
5138ArticleVaporman87It would have been an amazing feature at the time for the Dreamcast memory cards to have playable games on them. Too bad that didn't happen.Video game rumors from school discussionsMar 09, 2020View
5139ArticleVaporman87Flavorless, misshapen corn orbs... man I want to use that somewhere in my life. LOL1995 - The Birth of a Star Wars Fan Mar 09, 2020View
5140ArticleVaporman87The Game Gear was actually THE choice of my brother and I. The Gameboy and later the Gameboy Advance just didn't resonate with us. But the Game Gear... that was awesome. They made long trips sooooo much easier.Remembering The Sega Game Gear Mar 09, 2020View