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5065Article hulkamania is very neat Oct 19, 2019View
5066Article transformers gobots he-man bionic six cops n crooks g.i. joe and nintendo are my favorite toysTimewarp: Toys R Us 1987Oct 19, 2019View
5067Article i love teenage mutant ninja turtlesTurtles: The Teenage Mutant KindOct 19, 2019View
5068ArticleBenjanimeI hate to be "that guy" but killer instinct was super nintendo.Sega Genesis Games I OwnedOct 23, 2019View
5069Articleechidna64I really enjoy CTR! The drifting mechanics were really good, it's an overall tight racing game!Crash Team Racing: No red capped plumber hereOct 23, 2019View
5071ArticleBenjanimethanks for the comments, guys! :) i would easily place this upon a top 20 ps1 games list!Crash Team Racing: No red capped plumber hereOct 24, 2019View
5072ArticleAdamTheVictiniI want that Cinderella poster if only for the mice at the bottom of it.Mickey Mouse Magazine 1988Oct 26, 2019View
5073ArticleFlixtheCatJrD'oh! Sorry everyone.Sega Genesis Games I OwnedOct 27, 2019View
5074ArticleBenjanimeYou're good, it's an otherwise great article :)Sega Genesis Games I OwnedOct 27, 2019View
5077ArticlejkatzWhat about the build-your-own Inspector Gadget? If that wasn't 90s, it had to be veeeeery early 2000s. I remember some kid in kindergarten having the whole set and me being jealous of him. Favorite 1990s Happy Meal ToysNov 05, 2019View