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5020ArticleRabbitearsblogLoved the Doo Wop bumpers too! Nickelodeon had some creative bumpers back in the 80s and 90s! Aug 18, 2019View
5021ArticlejkatzThe poster for John Henry almost looks like it could be a Dreamworks movie.Rabbit Ears Productions: A RetrospectiveAug 18, 2019View
5022ArticleRabbitearsblogOooh! A John Henry movie from Dreamworks! Sounds awesome!Rabbit Ears Productions: A RetrospectiveAug 18, 2019View
5023ArticleBenjanimethe parachute seemed to be a one time experience in my childhood, as the only grade i ever saw and used it in was when i was in 3rd, then following every other year after the activities were different.Back To The Schoolyard!Aug 27, 2019View
5024ArticlepikachuloverI usually got what I wanted for school supplies. There were a few exceptions. I didn't get a Trapper Keeper until I was in 6th grade. But I did get some fun folders like Lisa Frank, Disney and Garfield. Applause made some pun pencils. I had a Marsupilami one that had him twirl around when you wrote with it. I had some fun lunchboxes; Darkwing Duck, My Little Pony, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Rescue Rangers. I had a Looney Tunes one but someone stole it. I don't consider Lunchables because they were more of a treat for me than having a sandwich for lunch. I usually took my lunch to school anyway. I didn't like to take my markers or my fun shaped erasers or fat multi color pen to school. Because the other kids would steal and ruin them. Benjanime's Back to School EssentialsAug 28, 2019View
5025ArticleRaelgoth I can totally relate to this. It's good that you don't blame your parents, though I probably would. Growing up mentally is hard enough as it is. Having something physical added to that can make it super-difficult at times. I'm assuming that you embraced and learned from your experiences, aren't an axe-murderer and that you did in fact turn out ok.... which is very cool.Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 1 Aug 29, 2019View
5026ArticleRaelgothA movie is playing in my mind as I read this.Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 2Aug 29, 2019View
5027ArticleSockofFleagullsMan, I had no idea. Thanks for sharing this bit of music history!Rosanna Arquette connected to two 80s hit songsAug 30, 2019View
5028ArticleSockofFleagullsI want that freaking poncho.Weirdest Ghostbusters 2 MerchandiseAug 30, 2019View
5029ArticlejkatzThis isn't an article.. this is a dang master's thesis on Ninjas in 80's pop culture.Revenge of the Imaginary Ninjas!Sep 01, 2019View