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4949Articleshakin steakInteresting that the third movie went lighter, and the first run late cartoons went darker, but both failed. I will say it sounds like both had good elements that are present in the original comics (time travel and other villains with dark theme). So were things poorly managed, or was everybody just tired of the characters? I never wanted to see the third movie. Honestly the first two are not good now and neither is the 86 series. However the 2003 show is decent. Nothing new though. It hews closely to the early comics. I think the lesson is to stick with quality writing from people who truly know the characters. Fast Forward was also good, imo. I still like the early comics and video games. Growing up I had the four trade paperbacks released by First Comics and they really collect some great stories. I think it’s a shame how much embarrassing material has been published in the TMNT name. Jun 01, 2019View
4950ArticleBenjanimeto put it simply, the third movie was so boring and lackluster to fans that they were losing interest in the franchise as a whole. thankfully the 2003 cartoon caused a resurgence and brought the fans back.The Rise and Fall of TMNTJun 01, 2019View
4951ArticleVaporman87Wow. There are few images in existence that could be claimed as "more late '80s/early'90s" than that Yogi D.A.R.E. poster. LOLTemple of Retro ToysJun 06, 2019View
4952ArticleBenjanimeman, is it just me or did hanna-barbera have a raging boner for mystery cartoons? lol.Temple of Retro ToysJun 06, 2019View
4953ArticlejkatzThose little golden books used to be EVERYWHERE...I know they're mostly an 80s/90s thing but I remember reading them in elementary school in the early 2000s. I think they've all but disappeared now. Temple of Retro ToysJun 07, 2019View
4954ArticleNLoganYou may have one of the only picture of a squeeze its package with the characters on it. I searched high and low and could not find one for my lunchroom article back in the day. I also had the pink panther stuffed animal.Temple of Retro ToysJun 07, 2019View
4955ArticleMr MagicNever heard of King Vitaman until I read this.The Summer ArchivesJun 19, 2019View
4956ArticleBenjanimehey guys, just thought i'd mention that this article was originally planned to be a bit longer, but with the limitation on length i had to narrow it down a chunk. it was nothing special though, i was just going to add some funny moments from these trips. so likely in the future if i have more lengthy stories like this to tell i'll start putting them in seperate parts.The Summer ArchivesJun 19, 2019View
4957ArticleVaporman87Great memories here Ben. I enjoyed reading them. Thanks for this.The Summer ArchivesJun 19, 2019View
4958ArticleBenjanimethanks for the comments, guys! always a pleasure to put an article together.The Summer ArchivesJun 19, 2019View