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4928ArticleMr MagicI remember my Green Ranger figure and talking 6 1/2 inch White Ranger. May 16, 2019View
4930ArticleNLoganNinja commando action figure generic from China, no name (six styles) is your purple masked black belt ninja. 90s dollar store knock off. One even reuses a Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos Ninja Warrior head. Came in various color schemes. <img src="/images/postImages/1558047719ninjaknockoff.jpg">Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 5May 16, 2019View
4931ArticleBenjanimei used to have those garfield glasses! my older sister took them with her when she moved away though....Timewarp: McDonald's 1988May 16, 2019View
4932ArticlejkatzI've never even heard of Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. Just from looking at the photo I can guess why. Are you going to cover the rest of the movies? I don't follow TMNT but I know there's at least a few more out there (not including the Michael Bay ones).The Rise and Fall of TMNTMay 17, 2019View
4933ArticlejkatzJitsu looks like an Asian Mr. T.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 5May 17, 2019View
4934ArticleBenjanimei hadn't planned to honestly, this article was just my own perspective of the tmnt media's rise and fall in popularity in the 90s, and i didn't know about the "coming out of their shells" or "turtle music" vhs tapes at the time of my childhood. if i think about it i'll give the bay movies a second look and write a different tmnt article someday, but for now i have several other articles in my backlog. i just thought i'd cover some tmnt history since it seems a bit scarce here.The Rise and Fall of TMNTMay 18, 2019View
4935ArticleOldSchool80sThe treasure hunt itself might be more fun than some of the finds. Think it is so cool that you are on this expedition. I try to pick some up if I come across them, but not actively scouring for them. Good work! Jitsu is my favorite of this bunch.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 5May 18, 2019View
4936ArticleBenjanimeeven in my adult years i have yet to beat this game. i heard the japanese version is actually easier than the U.S. version.Nintendo Discoveries: The Adventures of Bayou BillyMay 20, 2019View
4937ArticleBenjanimei have the nintendo power issue covering a guide for the felix the cat game, never got around to renting it but it looked like a fun, basic platform romp from the screenshots that were provided so after i bought my nes classic i added the game to it. some of these other games i've definitely never seen or heard about before. great read!Underrated NES GamesMay 28, 2019View
4938ArticleMr MagicFelix had his own game?Underrated NES GamesMay 28, 2019View