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5020ArticleRabbitearsblogLoved the Doo Wop bumpers too! Nickelodeon had some creative bumpers back in the 80s and 90s! Aug 18, 2019View
5022ArticleRabbitearsblogOooh! A John Henry movie from Dreamworks! Sounds awesome!Rabbit Ears Productions: A RetrospectiveAug 18, 2019View
5032ArticleRabbitearsblogAwww! Thanks for the Smurfs badge!!Why the Rabbit Ears Productions series should become a TV seriesSep 06, 2019View
5040ArticleRabbitearsblogOh. Okay. Thanks! I'm still new to this site!Why the Rabbit Ears Productions series should become a TV seriesSep 09, 2019View
5088ArticleRetroSnob88My favourite 90's PC game is the cult classic DOS standard Jazz Jackrabbit. It aucks the dude who owns the rights to the first game is a selfish dick'90s PC GamesNov 29, 2019View
5089ArticleRetroSnob88Another one I played a lot is The Yukon Trail (one of Oregon Trail's lesser known spin-offs of which there were 4'90s PC GamesNov 29, 2019View
5109ArticleRetroSnob88I would like to point out the Chapter 4 error. That's actually 3* Sorry folks. The curse of fat fingers. Other than that, hope you enjoyed learning about this neat little oddityThe Story of The Cartrivision aka The American VCR That Never WasDec 30, 2019View
4997ArticlePittsburghgirlI remember I did not like the McDLT. The whole thing was always cold. And you’re right, no one wants to assemble their sandwich at a fast food place. I have never tried any of the other special sandwiches, except the McRib. It was good years ago. I had one last year and it was awful. Retro Fast Food That is No More 2: I'm Lovin' It EditionAug 05, 2019View
5033ArticlePittsburghgirlI did not know she dated Peter Gabriel. I think she should be happy to answer questions about those topics Rosanna Arquette connected to two 80s hit songsSep 07, 2019View
5025ArticleRaelgoth I can totally relate to this. It's good that you don't blame your parents, though I probably would. Growing up mentally is hard enough as it is. Having something physical added to that can make it super-difficult at times. I'm assuming that you embraced and learned from your experiences, aren't an axe-murderer and that you did in fact turn out ok.... which is very cool.Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 1 Aug 29, 2019View