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4154ArticleVaporman87The Virtual Boy was probably the biggest bust of the bunch. Though the Power Glove was a close second. R.O.B. Takes third for the big N. Sep 24, 2017View
4153ArticleVaporman87Since this article was first written, both locations serving the pizza were forced to stop doing so. This is unfortunate because my location was one of the two, and it brought in people from all over the country.Retro Fast Food That is No MoreSep 24, 2017View
4158ArticleVaporman87@TDitH: It was. It was this Summer actually. Last time I ordered a pizza there I did so through the drive-thru. Big mistake. LOL. 30 minutes later I still didn't have a pizza, so I just left. You definitely needed to order ahead toward the end there.Retro Fast Food That is No MoreSep 24, 2017View
4190ArticleVaporman87As miserable as the drive there and back were (UHG!!!), not to mention the aggravations I experienced just driving from one place to another while there, It was really great to get together again. It felt like forever since I had seen vkimo and Hoju. I actually left this con without buying anything for myself, but I came back with plenty that was precious. Great memories to add to those of 2016. It always sucks to have to say goodbye though. Thanks to two super amazing fellows who I am very glad are a part of my life, both online and off. And the same to those who couldn't make it back this year. Here's to hoping I see you again when next Fall rolls around!RetroCon 2017 ReportNov 06, 2017View
4192ArticleVaporman87You and I share an affinity for the parade. It really does make Thanksgiving Day worth waking up early for. Thanks for this affectionate look at a really cool tradition!A Closer Look at: Macy's Thanksgiving ParadeNov 06, 2017View
4228ArticleVaporman87Seriously... what goes together better than Spam and the Holiday Season? I can think of nothing more synergistic. LOLRetro Holiday RecipesDec 22, 2017View
4229ArticleVaporman87Some interesting choices here TDitH. I like them all. My own Christmas favorites are all pretty traditional. I think it is my list of Halloween tunes that is a bit more varied.ThatDudeintheHoodie's Favorite Nontraditional Christmas SongsDec 22, 2017View
4230ArticleVaporman87That Orko figure was always the subject of disappointment for me. I think they could have done a lot more with him, and come out with a few variants with different gimmicks.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 2Dec 22, 2017View
4329ArticleVaporman87These are extremely retro-awesome, but my top choice would be the Max Headroom tape. Cool cover that folds out? Yes please. Plus... it’s Max... he’s an ‘80s icon.VHS OdysseyMar 26, 2018View
4331ArticleVaporman87Of course I’m partial to the MOTU promos here (especially since they include rad bot Roboto), but I’ve got to admit the Mickey dressed like Crockett is sweet.Retro Comic Book Ads and CommercialsMar 26, 2018View