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5286ArticleJulieI need to play thatMonster Party NES game someday. :D And I'm glad to know you have some good memories from your past Halloween days, my cute. ❤ I love you always! ❤ Sep 30, 2020View
5288ArticleJulieSo cute seeing you talk about your favorite candies! ❤ And no way it need to end!! ;) ❤Benjanime's Top Ten Halloween CandiesSep 30, 2020View
5290ArticleJulieSo many unknown movies here for me! :O But they seem to be really great. ;) ❤Benjanime's Top Ten Halloween Movie PicksSep 30, 2020View
5299ArticleJulieThose nightmares go very well with this Halloween season, my sweetheart. The nightmare with the demon in the shopping mall has to do with the stepfather and something you could have seen frightening somewhere in the shopping mall. The nightmare with the characters has to do with cartoons and video games, and worrying at home. The abandoned warehouse is about worrying at home and your brother that agrees with you. The alien eggs have to do with your brother's collection and movies or cartoons. The nightmare with teeth has to do with appointments to the dentist and that stepfather, and the concern that this brings. I'm sorry for the bad experiences. You are the sweetest and most loving boy I have ever met in my life. Love you so much. ❤Nightmares from my childhoodOct 07, 2020View
5308ArticleJulieI remember seeing pictures of this game at the time of the first video game magazines. I was always amazed by what I saw in those mags, and that made me a passionate gamer to this day. I would love to play Fester's Quest, especially by your side, my sweet Benjanime. ❤Remembering Fester's QuestOct 14, 2020View
5328ArticleJulieMe and especially my mom felt really good in the fall. It's our favorite season. The mists and cold of autumn are very reminiscent of Holland, the country my mom descends from, which is why she feels so good and likes autumn so much. And I feel an indescribable sense of peace and belonging. Reading your touching article makes me want to have you as my childhood friend back then. I would have been a much happier child for sure. Thank you for your always well written articles, privileged vocabulary and exciting text. I love you. ❤The prelude to AutumnNov 09, 2020View
5330ArticleJulieFor me, the Pokémon times marked the late 90s and early 2000s. I was fascinated when I had my first cartridge, Pokémon Yellow, as my first Game Boy Color game. I'm still a fan of the charismatic and cute series. ❤ I sporadically watched the anime and that only increased the hype and the desire to play the game on the Game Boy Color. The same happened with my Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. I have the 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions but I haven't started playing them yet, but I'm sure I will like them and will want to reach the end. By the way, I still have the game save with two level 100 Mew for Pokémon Yellow. It's worth revisiting sometimes. Thanks very much for the charismatic and very well written article: one more of your admirable talents. ❤Looking back at the Pokemon animeNov 09, 2020View
5343ArticleJulieWell, I also have Asperger's Syndrome and I'm going to say, I wouldn't "trade myself" for someone else who doesn't. It's thanks to this that I'm able to love more than anyone. Of course, it makes me more innocent and susceptible to false friendships and betrayals. But I have lived through it all, so now I am "vaccinated" to identify these pitfalls. As for games, they're a beautiful escapism for everyone, not just for us. They bring music and cinema together in an interactive way like no other media has ever brought. No wonder it has become the most profitable media industry in existence. I'm retro gamer and I love all generations. And yes, I owe it to the 90s mags which marked an era.Autism and video games: A connectionNov 16, 2020View
5345ArticleJulieI had a wealthy childhood during the 70s and 80s until my country started to be destroyed and my parents became more and more impoverished. My toys were mostly battery powered, many robots, the fashion toys that were advertised during the 80s TV ads. I had them all. The vast list of toys I had was very memorable and unforgettable. I just got rid of them because even if used with care and zeal, their engines started to stop working in the late 90s. It was very sad to see so many toys having to be sold. I had a wardrobe just for them due to the space they took in my room. Good times.Favorite childhood toys growing upNov 16, 2020View
5347ArticleJulieI stick with the A and B tier lists only. And we can have macaroni and cheese and chocolate pie too. :D Ranking Thanksgiving foods from childhoodNov 16, 2020View