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4835ArticleDalek227When we first got a computer around 92 we had frogger, Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers on a huge floppy disc, Hugo III (you gave him commands and he followed them) and the writing program was just a glowing blue background with white letters, ala Doogie Howser haha Feb 05, 2019View
5188ArticleretrocrunchI remember that TMNT show and them bringing in a female turtle. Not my cup of tea for a show and not the TMNT I grew up with.. I passed on it too. Great article BTW.The Rise and Fall of TMNTApr 26, 2020View
5189ArticleretrocrunchThere was a old playground where my grandparents lived that I loved as a kid. Like others, its been torn down and replaced with new equipment. My favorite was a 25 foot tall swingset that had about 10 swings across. We would do back flips off it, see who can jump out farthur, have swing wars, and all sorts of fun. That was the tallest swing I ever went on and I havent seen any nowadays that comes close. Everyones afraid of suits. Good times back then, miss those playgrounds.Castles of YesteryearApr 26, 2020View
4751ArticleTowtrucktomI still vividly remember he MacDonalds add!!!! That took me straight back to my childhood. Nice one Hoju. Regards <a href="">towtrucktom</a> ____________ 5 More 80s Christmas CommercialsDec 20, 2018View
4772Articlebluegrassbaby86Most of the plushies I was attached to were not affiliated with a character. I didn't really watch cartoons as much as a little kid due to having no eyesight and most of the shows were hard for me to follow because you couldn't figure out what was happening just from hearing them, so if I did have a character, he wasn't played with as the character, just a plushie. My absolute favorite toy was a teddy bear that would record your voice and repeat it back to you. I did have what they told me was called Pillow Pals, which I guess are the same as Pillow People, and I had a Popple, but I didn't know he turned into an animal and I just played with him as a fuzzy ball. I miss my Popple.Stuffed Animals of the 80'sJan 05, 2019View
4773Videobluegrassbaby86Aww I love GarfieldAmerican Express Card ad from 1985Jan 05, 2019View
4774Videobluegrassbaby86Is it wrong that I would actually love to have an album like this?40 Wacky Favorites commercialJan 05, 2019View
4777Articlebluegrassbaby86I've been looking for that huffing one for a long time. I heard a radio version as a kid which scared the heck out of me.Memories of PDFA, and other PSA’s Jan 05, 2019View
5025ArticleRaelgoth I can totally relate to this. It's good that you don't blame your parents, though I probably would. Growing up mentally is hard enough as it is. Having something physical added to that can make it super-difficult at times. I'm assuming that you embraced and learned from your experiences, aren't an axe-murderer and that you did in fact turn out ok.... which is very cool.Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 1 Aug 29, 2019View
5026ArticleRaelgothA movie is playing in my mind as I read this.Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 2Aug 29, 2019View