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5088ArticleRetroSnob88My favourite 90's PC game is the cult classic DOS standard Jazz Jackrabbit. It aucks the dude who owns the rights to the first game is a selfish dick Nov 29, 2019View
5089ArticleRetroSnob88Another one I played a lot is The Yukon Trail (one of Oregon Trail's lesser known spin-offs of which there were 4'90s PC GamesNov 29, 2019View
4991ArticleRabbitearsblogOh man! This is so nostalgic! I still need to watch that old Supergirl movie! I wonder if it's any good! But, awesome collection!VHS OdysseyAug 01, 2019View
4992ArticleRabbitearsblogOh man! Mumra was something else! Scariest 80's Cartoon VillainsAug 01, 2019View
4993ArticleRabbitearsblogAaahhh...the Disney Afternoon...one of the best programming blocks that Disney ever created! Gummi Bears, Ducktales and Chip and Dale were my favorites!The Disney Afternoon RevisitedAug 01, 2019View
4994ArticleRabbitearsblogWow! That's a lot of Batman merchandise! I especially love the Bat Car and the comics!Batman 1989 Movie MerchandiseAug 01, 2019View
4995ArticleRabbitearsblogI definitely agree with you about the Brave Little Toaster. I never would have expected that movie to be as dark as it got. Another disturbing children's movie I've seen was Return to Oz. That was way creepier that what we saw with The Wizard of Oz. The Gnome King and Princess Mombi definitely gave me the willies! Creepiest Kids' MoviesAug 01, 2019View
5014ArticleRabbitearsblogI agree that nostalgia can be a really good thing! I always love looking back at the things that I grew up with and how they affected me as an adult!13 Things that I remembered from my childhoodAug 18, 2019View
5015ArticleRabbitearsblogAaahhh... Steve Blum... He was the best Tom ever!13 Things that I remembered from my childhoodAug 18, 2019View
5016ArticleRabbitearsblogThanks everyone! Glad you got the chance to see what this series is all about! I also agree that B.B. King's score in "John Henry" was probably the best part of the story!Rabbit Ears Productions: A RetrospectiveAug 18, 2019View