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4129VideoJayME1961I wish we could see the whole segment with Aretha cooking Peach Cobbler for the crew!! Sep 13, 2017View
4159ArticleCaseyJonesThis is my fav memory of the show Weird Al Show a Way Moby Forgotten ShowSep 27, 2017View
4179ArticleCaseyJonesI used to go the store by my school every friday to buy new CA raisans fugures. The cost 1.15 and I thought that was a hell of a dealThe California Raisins MerchandiseOct 20, 2017View
4182ArticleCaseyJonesI still have a few somewhere. The California Raisins MerchandiseOct 26, 2017View
4185ArticleCaseyJonesI used to rent game show games for the NES alot when I was younger My mom got a kick out of jeopardy and Family Feud. I usually went for Classic Concentration, Double Dare, Fun House and American GladiatorsGame Show Video GamesOct 29, 2017View
4276ArticleCaseyJonesIt was ok. But you shouldn't be starting each question with ("cool" "I see" "ok") and then jumping into your next prepared question. You should be asking follow up questions to some of these answers. Show that you have interest in what he is saying rather than just trying to get the interview done. Plus some of his answers were really interesting and I would have liked to read more. I mean he talked about Harvey Weinstein almost stealing Fanboys from him and all you said was "ok" and then started talking about The Goldbergs. A Talk With Adam F. GoldbergFeb 08, 2018View
4786ArticleCaseyJonesI think it's time to let it out of the bag. Marioluigi was not one person. It was a group of people Remembering RetroJunkJan 10, 2019View
4217ArticlewillalexmacMcDonalds inspired my teenage nicknameMcDonald's 80's New Menu Items Dec 01, 2017View
4643ArticleHalcyonDazed710I majorly agree with your third point. The iPod, and the internet in general has made it so easy to store all of our favorite music, movies, books, etc in the palm of our hands. That kind of easy access to years and years of quality culture is simply astounding to think about, even now. However, there's also a certain sadness derived from being able to pull up all the great pop culture from the '80s and '90s, only to find how much all the modern stuff pales in comparison. It sometimes seems like the only good movies and music to come out these days are the kind that have a retro element at play. Or maybe that can just be chalked up to personal taste and my hatred for the cell phone Snapchat culture we are now living in. The 2000s decade wasn't that badOct 26, 2018View
4644ArticleHalcyonDazed710Thanks for the kind words @Vaporman87! I need to get around to writing more stuff. I really enjoy reading the articles everyone contributes. @jkatz Never tried Josta but I remember seeing it around. If they bring it back, I will definitely scoop it up. @Hoju Koolander Yeah, I bought about three cases when I found it. It was on sale too, which was a nice bonus.Reviewing the Retro Soda ComebacksOct 26, 2018View