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3881ArticleLazloechidna64- Now everybody is at least part nerd, because everybody (or just about) is into computers. Some because they enjoy using computers. And some because computers are everywhere and have no choice! LOL May 06, 2017View
3920ArticleLazloI am a great fan of "The Breakfast Club" and John Hughes, and feel so blessed to have had both as part of my teen years. I think you have some insightful comments about BK. It was indeed about five teens, who could have been teens from almost any American high school, breaking through the stereotypes and discovering each other as real individuals. Its a protest against the clique system. And its full of these revealing moments: when Bender talks about his apparently abusive parents, when the Andrew (the jock) reveals a cruel prank he played on another student and draws a response from Brian (the nerd), when Allison (however awkardly) gradually reveals more of herself as the movie progresses. Really, the film is a breakthrough movie, and deserves a lot more credit that it sometimes gets.The Breakfast Club and Changing PerceptionsJun 08, 2017View
3943ArticleLazloGreat 80s hits. Wonderful memories.Top number 2 Songs from the 80s that never made it to number 1Jun 09, 2017View
3951ArticleLazloI also remember going to see "Back To The Future" for the first time. It was a crowded mall cinema, and I was chomping on Jujubees and drinking Cherry Coke. Both are still theater food faves for me. Seeing E.T. For The First TimeJun 21, 2017View
3952ArticleLazloI remember an episode of Call To Glory where one of the characters took part in the March on Washington, but dont recall much else. I do remember many of the other shows, some which I've seen and some I've only heard of. Makes me miss the '80s!!! 1984 TV Guide Fall Preview: ABCJun 21, 2017View
4019ArticleLazloHey Hoju Koolander, OldSchool80s, NLogan and Vaporman87. Anyone remember this? Meet Cathy, who's lived most everywhere, From Zanzibar to Barclay Square. But Patty's only seen the sights A girl can see from Brooklyn Heights - What a crazy pair! But they're cousins, Identical cousins all the way. One pair of matching bookends, Different as night and day. Where Cathy adores a minuet, The Ballet Russes, and crepe suzette, Our Patty loves to rock and roll, A hot dog makes her lose control - What a wild duet! Still, they're cousins, Identical cousins and you'll find, They laugh alike, they walk alike, At times they even talk alike - You can lose your mind, When cousins are two of a kind. Late Night Re-runs (Circa mid-80s)Jul 26, 2017View
4087ArticleLazloThanks Oldschool!Where Everybody Knows Your NameAug 28, 2017View
4174ArticleLazloI'm inclined to think that the '80s were kind of a golden age of comic strips, there were so many quality strips including the ones mentioned here. Good times!80s Comic StripsOct 10, 2017View
4177ArticleLazloLots of great memories here. I was a teen in the '80s (graduated from High School in '88), and I remember all of this. The foam packaging. The McDLT with the two-sectioned container. The hot pies (which at that time were fried pies, and much yummier than today's baked pies). The fry guy and Big Mac characters. Kid's birthdays at McDonalds. Garfield. Its bringing it all back! Timewarp: McDonald's 1988Oct 18, 2017View
4500ArticleLazloGreat account of a wonderful family trip. I have tons of great Disney memories at Walt Disney World, and also of family road trips when I was growing up. One thing though: The Nickelodeon Studios that you have pictured was actually at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It is now the site of the Blue Man Group theater. Disney Days: My Trips to Walt Disney WorldJul 29, 2018View