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3668ArticleTrigonisThis article raises an important topic: " what point does profit trump our nostalgia?" I don't know the answer either, but I think there are two sides here: The ones wearing the 1985 goggles (to borrow the author's terms) who are so sucked into the nostalgia of their youth that they are petrified with fear of change to set that aside and see the new M.A.S.K. for what it is. A good story (but that REVOLUTION storyline with the Joes and Transformers, that was utter trash, sorry to say –– best thing about it was M.A.S.K.) –– that aims to "neutralize" past aspects of the original and beloved '85 series, namely the premise of transforming vehicles with superpowered masks, which I think is sufficient for the nostalgia factor, with a more innovative and sharper edge that's much more relevant for today's audiences. I highly doubt IDW, Brandon, Tony, and Tommy are swimming Scrooge McDuck-style in gold coins with this series, so I don't think it's a question of profit trumping nostalgia, it's about us trumping our own nostalgia and enjoying a good story. And this is coming from someone who also has fond memories of sitting around with my M.A.S.K. toys as a kid at Christmas. But that was in 1985. The only reason I'm enjoying the new M.A.S.K. is because IDW and the creators are not trying to smack me with nostalgia in anything except the covers; instead, they've given us something completely new, and I for one appreciate them not messing with my childhood too much. Jan 05, 2017View
3693ArticleirrodDo you want to sell your grocery bag of plastic toys?VHS Television Treasure HuntJan 20, 2017View
3751ArticleLazloI was in my own little world in the mid 90s, and just not into popular culture. After reading this, I just have to check out The Head and The Maxx . . . I'll look it up on Youtube and see if there are DVD sets out there. Both seem right up my alley, all weird and trippy.MTV: The 90'sFeb 13, 2017View
3752ArticleLazloI've always loved malls, and still do. I remember enjoying spending time there as a young kid in the late '70s, and a teen in the '80s. Waldenbooks and B Dalton Books were a typical hangout for me. They are both gone now and are greatly missed. I remember going to Spencer gifts and getting Orange Julius drinks. As a young adult in the '90s, new stores began to appear: FYE, and coffee places like Starbucks and Barnies. I still love malls, and would hate to see them go. . . but as long as theyre around, I'll be a frequent visitor.My Memories of the MallFeb 13, 2017View
3764ArticleLazloMy first job in high school was as a cashier/stockperson at Eckerd Drugs. This was back in 1986. Eckerds has since been taken over by CVS, so it too is a relic of an earlier era (before working there, I remember going there with my family as a very young kid in the '70s). Those were the days. I do remember ringing up candy, cosmetics, cigarettes, meds of different sorts. One thing we didn't have was an ice cream counter though . . . interesting cylindrical look to that ice cream scoop!! Dr. Timewarp Returns: 80's Drug Store ShoppingFeb 21, 2017View
3769ArticleLazloThe '80s was that quirky time that featured both "Endless Love" and "Bizarre Love Triangle." I remember them fondly. Very cool fact about Chrissie Hynde singing on U2's "Pride in the Name of Love."Top 80 Songs from the 80s with LOVE in the TitleFeb 21, 2017View
3805ArticleLazloThanks, OldSchool80s. Its really all about Rock, and it could have been about U2, or Led Zeppelin, or the Police, or the Talking Heads, or the Rolling Stones, or the Beatles. It was (and still is) a great form of music, and the Rock era was a great time to be young. Still Rock and Roll To MeMar 29, 2017View
3809ArticleLazloI love '60s music!! As an '80s kid, while I loved my own era's music, I also often found myself nostalgic for the particular style and creativity of the '60s. And I wasn't alone, because '60s nostalgia was very big back then. About a year ago, I got to see Peter Noone, of Herman's Hermits performing at Epcot in Orlando, Florida, and he will be performing there soon again. Great concert!Salute to the '60sMar 29, 2017View
3831ArticleLazloThanks OldSchool80s. Its a pleasure to keep '80s memories alive.All Those Years AgoApr 11, 2017View
3845ArticleLazloVaporman87- I remember I spent a large part of that day listening to the concert over the radio, until the television networks started coverage during the evening. To me, it was an important event for our generation. A very memorable '80s event. Remembering Live Aid (1985)Apr 23, 2017View