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4567ArticleSupermanNice article. You hit on just about everything that I remember being a part of the school experience back in the '90s. Sep 22, 2018View
4568ArticleSupermanI think the thing I miss most about the malls of my youth is Waldenbooks. Book stores, in general, seem to be so hard to find these days, but I love them.Mall MemoriesSep 22, 2018View
4569ArticleSupermanI had some Nintendo 64 beanbag plushes just like the ones pictured in the below link. game related merchandiseSep 22, 2018View
4604ArticleSupermanIt's very cool that a kid of today would be into a cartoon from the '80s. That's very rare. I can kind of relate to him, though, because I was hugely into things from my mom's childhood in the '60s that none of my friends knew anything about, most especially the Beach Party movies starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon. This was back in the '90s and early '00s, so things like that just weren't a big enough part of pop culture anymore for my friends to have heard of them.Interview With A 10 Year Old He-Man FanOct 06, 2018View
4602ArticleSupermanWhile I can't say that I remember any of these blocks specifically, I totally miss seeing holiday-themed blocks like this.Kid Channel Halloween TreatsOct 06, 2018View
4605ArticleSupermanI don't remember owning any dress-up kits, but I probably would have loved that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Battle Fun Set.80's Toy Dress-Up KitsOct 06, 2018View
4606ArticleSupermanI think my fondest Halloween memories at school involved the time I dressed up as Batman and my best friend, by complete coincidence, was dressed as Robin. I also remember really enjoying my school's haunted house that was set up in the library one year. If I remember correctly, our gym teacher was dressed as Frankenstein's monster and jumped out and grabbed one random kid from each class that went through the haunted house.Retrojunk Classic: The 90's Holiday Trilogy: HalloweenOct 06, 2018View
4670ArticleSupermanGreat article. It was oozing with Halloween nostalgia. I enjoyed reading about your Halloween traditions. Rocky Point sounds like it was a very cool location. I'd love to visit somewhere like that one day.NLogan's Retro Halloween AnticipationNov 15, 2018View
4671ArticleSupermanMy main Halloween tradition is to try to catch a scary movie on or near Halloween.My Fall - Halloween Bucket ListNov 15, 2018View
4672ArticleSupermanThis was a fun read. I think the only one that I've personally tried is Crystal Pepsi, so I enjoyed reading your review of the others.Reviewing the Retro Soda ComebacksNov 16, 2018View