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3829vhsCoverjkatzHaha, this is great. How can you not love Japanese covers? Apr 06, 2017View
4181vhsCoverEDP2000I have the 1999 Widescreen VHS of this movie.A Nightmare on Elm StreetOct 22, 2017View
4302vhsCoverMichelangeloA horror classic.A Nightmare on Elm StreetMar 02, 2018View
4304vhsCoverMichelangeloThis was the very first TMNT tape I've ever watched...TEENAGE-MUTANT-NINJA-TURTLES-SKY-TURTLES-BURKING-KING-KIDS-CLUBMar 04, 2018View
4311vhsCoverMichelangeloThis one was OK, the next film is where the franchise started to go downhill.A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream MasterMar 17, 2018View
4312vhsCoverMichelangeloOther than the remake, this is perhaps the worst film out of the NoES franchise.Freddy's Dead: The Final NightmareMar 17, 2018View
4313vhsCoverMichelangeloOne of, if not, Mel Brooks' funniest films.Young FrankensteinMar 17, 2018View
4314vhsCoverMichelangelo"Shut the f*ck up, Donny!" This is perhaps the best film of 1998.The Big LebowskiMar 17, 2018View
4328vhsCover Excellent movie,I would R this film a rate 10EntrapmentMar 24, 2018View
4342vhsCoverjkatzLooks like you used a camera from 1996 in order to take this picture too.The Abyss (1989)Mar 31, 2018View