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2935VideoMr MagicEven the dog auditioned. Oct 14, 2015View
2971VideoMr MagicI'll watch when I get a chance.RetroDaze Halloween Special 2015Oct 18, 2015View
2974Videocomic_book_fananother great oneRetroDaze Halloween Special 2015Oct 18, 2015View
2993VideoVaporman87I love that in this ad there is the image of the VW Bug bouncing up and down - implying something risque is happening. Then you see the guy jacking up the back of the car to change the tire. LOLDr. Pepper: The Drive-InOct 23, 2015View
2994VideoVaporman87Don Pardo... he is sorely missed.Frosted Mini-Wheats: FredOct 23, 2015View
2996VideoVaporman87The term "word up" seemed so stupid to me then. Now, it really is stupid! LOLMcDonald's McLean Deluxe Ad 3Oct 23, 2015View
2997VideoMr MagicI thought these were only for kids.Lunchables In 1991Oct 23, 2015View
2998VideoMr MagicA healthy McDonald's burger. Yeah, right.McDonald's McLean Deluxe Ad 1Oct 23, 2015View
2999VideoMr MagicThat poor parrot. The chessier the pizza, the better.Little Caesars' Cheeser Cheeser PizzaOct 23, 2015View
3001VideoMr MagicHow lively. :)Dr. Pepper: The Drive-InOct 23, 2015View