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3247VideoMr MagicShe's made appearances in comics and stuff. Jan 06, 2016View
3248VideoMr MagicWoo-hoo!Duck Tales IntroJan 06, 2016View
3251VideoMr MagicI don't either.Jello Jigglers CommercialJan 08, 2016View
3252VideoMr MagicNo comment.The Munsters Today IntroJan 08, 2016View
3253VideoMr MagicI remember having the Raph action figure, which had his samurai attire and the Time Scepter.TMNTIII TrailerJan 08, 2016View
3254VideoMr MagicI see it, but I don't believe it.Talking Pee Wee Herman Doll CommercialJan 08, 2016View
3274Videodemonpuppet87Is that Michael Bell doing the voiceover?Ragu Thick And HeartyJan 14, 2016View
3277VideoVaporman87No, not Michael Bell. Though, I'm not sure who it is exactly, I've heard that voice in many different ads.Ragu Thick And HeartyJan 15, 2016View
3370VideoMr MagicGreat truckin' movie.Duel On WTBSFeb 19, 2016View
3371VideoMr MagicGo, Braves! The team of the 90s.Braves vs Padres WTBS Promo 1Feb 19, 2016View