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157ArticleVaporman87This was a great read. I had absolutely no knowledge of this game and it's following until having read this. Then I did a little research on it, discovering a devoted fan base (even online versions of the game). Just excellent. Jan 16, 2013View
159ArticleThe Ronin Identityvery interesting stuff, never heard of the game before thisThe Jet Set Willy SagaJan 17, 2013View
167ArticleAceNThaHoleDidnt have a C64 but we did have a Tandy and this game reminds me so much of some of the games we wore out on that old machineThe Jet Set Willy SagaJan 19, 2013View
573ArticleRevJCool! I still have the map I made for this game on the C64. In my memories I'm also recalling the Monty Mole games. Good times playing on the '64The Jet Set Willy SagaApr 14, 2013View
854ArticleSegaFanaticI'm a gamer, and I've NEVER heard of this series. Good work on your part. This was an interesting read.The Jet Set Willy SagaNov 10, 2013View
70VideoFulton4VNever could stand peewees playhouse. He just annoyed me to no end.Pee-Wee's Playhouse IntroDec 17, 2012View
46VideoVaporman87This had to be the longest intro for a television series of ANY kind. At least it was different and interesting... the first 5 or so times you watched it. Pee-Wee's Playhouse IntroDec 12, 2012View
150ArticleVaporman87M, m, m, m, - MASK! is tha mighty power that can save tha dayyyyy..... I should have been a jingle performer.Intro Jingle People RememberedJan 15, 2013View
151ArticleVaporman87But seriously, thanks for this. This is one of those questions you ask but never get around to looking anything up on. Thanks for taking the work out of it. Intro Jingle People RememberedJan 15, 2013View
152ArticleFulton4VNice article. Some good info thereIntro Jingle People RememberedJan 15, 2013View