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4903ArticleCaps 2.0There were many great covers in the 80s, but one of my favorite covers would have to be another Jules Shear cover, in this case, The Bangles' version of "If She Knew What She Wants", which I found to have more energy and passion than Shear's original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu_pNeqAQ-U Apr 10, 2019View
4902ArticleVaporman87What a great list! Some of these hits I didn't realize (or had just forgotten) were covers. Top Cover Songs of the 80sApr 10, 2019View
4910ArticleHoju Koolander@vkimo Yeah, Shelley Long can be an acquired taste, but her character in Troop Beverly Hills is a total 180 from Diane on Cheers. Much kinder and goofier, less self-seriousness.10 Best Cameos In Troop Beverly HillsApr 18, 2019View
4906ArticleOldSchool80sLove it! My favorite is Mrs. Roper for sure.10 Best Cameos In Troop Beverly HillsApr 13, 2019View
4905ArticlevkimoWow, nice connection on the Beverly Hills Cop aspect! I saw fragments of this film over the years, but never one complete sitting. Not sure if I can as Shelley Long's character, Dianne in Cheers gets on my nerves haha10 Best Cameos In Troop Beverly HillsApr 12, 2019View
5096ArticleBenjanimeplease take into consideration the advice that i gave in your article post in the forums, i'm sure it would be a great help for you.2000AD filmsDec 03, 2019View
4919ArticlejkatzWhat about Batman Triumphant, the planned follow-up to Batman and Robin? Not much was confirmed about it, other than that it would've had The Scarecrow as the main antagonist.Films Almost MadeApr 22, 2019View
4915ArticleBenjanimei always wondered whatever happened to that live action jetsons movie that was going be a follow up of the flintstones movie, it was planned as a movie for the early 2000s, but instead we got flintstones: viva rock vegas. the last that was heard about the live action jetsons was it getting a 2012 release, but it was just rumor. i guess it's safe to say that it's never seeing the light of day at this point.Films Almost MadeApr 22, 2019View
4916ArticleVaporman87@Ben: I can't imagine it doing very well anyway. Not only did the Jetsons not enjoy the same success as the Flintstones, but at this point it appears as though the fascination with '60s cartoons to film has wained a bit. Films Almost MadeApr 22, 2019View
4920ArticleBenjanimei did watch each and every film they were in, but if i had a personal favorite i'd have to go to bruce willis.Action HeroesMay 01, 2019View