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5297ArticleoniparThank, Mr. Magic. Hit some of those links I provided for some great Halloween fun!  Oct 06, 2020View
5298ArticleBenjanimejust knocking it out of the park with this halloween nostalgia! great article oni!The Halloween Wayback MachineOct 07, 2020View
5301ArticleMr Magic@onipar: With pleasure! :)The Halloween Wayback MachineOct 07, 2020View
5302ArticleoniparMr. Magic, yay! :-) Ben, thanks so much! I think I have one more in the ol' tank before the season is out. If I can ever finish grading these essays. The Halloween Wayback MachineOct 07, 2020View
5304ArticleVaporman87Holy crap. I thought that MTV special got removed! Apparently not. Sweet!!!The Halloween Wayback MachineOct 07, 2020View
5305ArticleVaporman87Oh, and also... great stuff man! Where does one procure a Halloween mixtape?The Halloween Wayback MachineOct 07, 2020View
5306ArticleoniparTony, There are a few people who sell Halloween Mix tapes now and then. Those "Eddie Spuhghetti" ( Tapes are occasional sold through the OSI74 store ( The GothTV ones I traded for on Instagram. I got one from Magnetic Magic Rentals: Totally Bogus Video (Forever Bogus) had a couple that I never did get my hands on. I can't even find their site anymore. AT the end of the day, it's just the kind of thing you have to be watching for from the various VHS folks out there. Your best bet will be Eddie Spuhgetti, as I believe he is the only one that will still produce copies to sell every year before Halloween. The Halloween Wayback MachineOct 07, 2020View
5307ArticleRetroOtaku620Pretty awesome! I can't wait to check out the specials.The Halloween Wayback MachineOct 11, 2020View
5318ArticleLazlo KnightAmazing find with the Archive and great article! I could get stuck there for days or months likely. Found this Halloween gem doing a quick hunt: The Halloween Wayback MachineOct 29, 2020View
5325ArticleBenjanimeit looks like you'll have a long way of properly formatting your articles, it was a challenge just trying to read this. as a rule of thumb, it's always a good idea to make sure your shared images are shrunken down enough to fit in with the text box in the article, but i'll give this article an approve like for a start.My Top 10 Gen 1 PokemonNov 09, 2020View