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5200ArticleBenjanimeit may be one, big nintendo advertisement with corny dialogue, but it's a guilty pleasure to watch. May 13, 2020View
5204ArticleVaporman87I must once again confess that I have not seen The Wizard. It's another film on my long list of '80s/'90s films that I hope to watch one day.The WizardMay 14, 2020View
5213ArticlejkatzStill need to watch this movie. I just have to get context for the infamous "Power Glove" scene.The WizardJun 05, 2020View
5239ArticleJulieA very cute article as always, my cute boy. ;) ❤ I had my first Game Boy in 1995, with my first cartridges being Daffy Duck and Power Rangers. After a while, I got Tetris and Super Mario Land. Then I had the pink Game Boy Pocket with those pirated cartridges with several games inside. Game Boy Color I had after the year 2000, along with a pirated copy of Pokémon Yellow and Speedy Gonzales. It was then that I spent my afternoons playing Pokémon for the first time until finishing it. ❤ My first Game Boy Advance SP came with a pirated copy of the Japanese version of Street Fighter Alpha but I soon did buy him a flashcart, an amazing novelty at the time that came to save us from having few games while we wanted so many others. In 2013 I replaced my Dingoo A-320, a chinese portable emulator that didn't last more than three years due to the poor quality of everything that comes from china, I traded it for a Nintendo DS and I also did buy the DSTwo so I could have all the games that I wanted immediately and in a single cartridge. The New Nintendo 3DS XL I bought at the same time as the PlayStation Vita. Compatible with Xenoblade Chronicles and also with its Sky 3DS Plus flashcart. As with the DS, I played a lot of Mario Kart 7 and Tomodachi Life. :DThe Nintendo Handheld Experience Part 1Aug 05, 2020View
5242ArticleBenjanime@Julie i would have loved the convenience of flash carts if i had known about them sooner ^^ but at the time of the GBA being out i was too busy thinking about high school and of course, dealing with my stepdad at home ^^;The Nintendo Handheld Experience Part 1Aug 06, 2020View
5190ArticleVaporman87By the time these kid game shows became popular, I was already off to college. It is shows like this that I wish I could have enjoyed during my prime kid years, as I know I would have totally enjoyed them.Memories of Olmec and Legends of the Hidden TempleMay 04, 2020View
5192ArticleMr MagicFlix, have you ever seen the Nicktoon "The Loud House"? There was an episode where Lincoln and his dad went on LOTHT.Memories of Olmec and Legends of the Hidden TempleMay 04, 2020View
5195ArticleBenjanimeas fun as it was to watch this show, i have to admit they had some pretty crap prizes most of the time. a pair of roller blades just to make it to the end of a moat? really?Memories of Olmec and Legends of the Hidden TempleMay 05, 2020View
5196ArticleMr MagicRoller blades aren't cheap, Ben. Kids loved to have those.Memories of Olmec and Legends of the Hidden TempleMay 05, 2020View
5201ArticleJulieMost of the animes I watched were from Hanna-Barbera, also going through Topo Gigio, Barbapapa, Sesame Street among others from the 70s and 80s, such as Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man and She-Ra, the fabulous Dungeons & Dragons, among many, many others. In 1989 I had my first Atari 2600, so the TV lost about 70% of the space it occupied in my leisure time. But when the Sega Genesis came home in 1991 (at the same time as the Power Rangers boom), I completely stopped watching TV and so I continue to this day. But Benjanime is introducing me to some gems that I lost along the way. He's great! ;) ❤Making the anime nerd transitionMay 14, 2020View