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5039ArticleBenjanimejust a rule of thumb, it's important to label your articles as smurf photog if they're not focused on childhood memory. Sep 08, 2019View
5040ArticleRabbitearsblogOh. Okay. Thanks! I'm still new to this site!Why the Rabbit Ears Productions series should become a TV seriesSep 09, 2019View
5031ArticleBenjanimekinda bums me out how this show didn't get a dvd release, but hey dude and the adventures of pete Summers with Camp AnawannaSep 06, 2019View
5041Articlecomic_book_fanyeah i loved this show it should be on dvdSummers with Camp AnawannaSep 13, 2019View
5046Articleechidna64I have fond memories of playing Gex on a friend's Panasonic 3DORemembering GexSep 26, 2019View
5049ArticleVaporman87Gex, to me, was going to be the successor to Mario and Sonic. But, like many platformer mascots before (and since), he just didn't resonate with a really large audience. Too bad too, because he was a great character. I would put him up there with Toe Jam Remembering GexSep 27, 2019View
5053ArticleMr MagicHe and that Geico dude should do commercials together.Remembering GexSep 27, 2019View
5057ArticleJulieTo me, Gex is synonymous with Panasonic 3DO, a very expensive video game console with an unusual realism proposition. When I had access to a copy for the PlayStation, Gex: Enter The Gecko had been released, and surprisingly with a graphics quality comparable to that we see in Nintendo 64 games, with that typical awesome color quality. A very beautiful result for an innovative game that captivated by the high quality and beauty. You mentioned the first version of Rayman, just my favorite to date. Very well written post, loved it!Remembering GexOct 08, 2019View
5058ArticleBenjanime@Julie your feedback and comments always make me smile! thanks for reading! :)Remembering GexOct 08, 2019View
5054ArticlepikachuloverI don't think I watched this show when it first ran I think I caught some reruns many years later. To me I thought the concept was so strange even for a throwaway kids' cartoon in the early 90s. The one thing I noticed is that when this show aired they all played for teams based out of Los Angeles or Chicago. Jordan; Chicago Bulls. Gretzky ; Los Angeles Kings. Jackson; Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Raiders. When Bo, Jordan, and Gretzky Ruled the WorldSep 30, 2019View