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5008ArticleBenjanimeman, i remember being such an avid nickelodeon viewer back in the day that the disney afternoon just flew right past me. i still watched their cartoons but i had no recollection of that block whatsoever. dbz was probably toonami's biggest hit on their block for a while until they really got off the ground in the 2000s with a ton of more anime. i'm a little upset that the toonami brand has been reduced to a late night schedule, but as long as i'm still hearing steve blum as tom, i'm somewhat happy :) Aug 15, 2019View
5011ArticleOldSchool80sI love nostalgia, too. Some of these same things apply to my childhood in the late-70s into the 80s. It is amazing how some of these things can bring back such strong memories or how a certain smell or sound can trigger those feelings. Fun stuff.13 Things that I remembered from my childhoodAug 16, 2019View
5014ArticleRabbitearsblogI agree that nostalgia can be a really good thing! I always love looking back at the things that I grew up with and how they affected me as an adult!13 Things that I remembered from my childhoodAug 18, 2019View
5015ArticleRabbitearsblogAaahhh... Steve Blum... He was the best Tom ever!13 Things that I remembered from my childhoodAug 18, 2019View
5075ArticleJulieAbout Happy Meal toys, you're lucky, because it never existed in the country where I live until recently. All I could have were 80's toys and in the 90's I chose to invest in video games. Maybe because of this I'm so in love with retro games yet... And I would love to have those Super Mario Bros. 3 figures, and those Disney Masterpiece Collection toys. Those Nickelodeon Game Gadgets seem to be quite fun to play with someone. Tamagotchi I had one, but it was sold along with one of my old video games. Very well written article, as always. Awesome!Favorite 1990s Happy Meal ToysNov 02, 2019View
5076ArticleBenjanime@Julie i'm sorry :( it's unfortunate when other countries don't get novelty products like these, they were definitely a fun way to start a hobby of collecting. i no longer have mine, but there was a sense of achievement i had when keeping mine in my toy box many years ago. i guess you could say my recent hobby of figure purchasing has become a modern day equivalent of that haha :)Favorite 1990s Happy Meal ToysNov 02, 2019View
5077ArticlejkatzWhat about the build-your-own Inspector Gadget? If that wasn't 90s, it had to be veeeeery early 2000s. I remember some kid in kindergarten having the whole set and me being jealous of him. Favorite 1990s Happy Meal ToysNov 05, 2019View
5078ArticleBenjanime@jkatz i almost forgot about that! unfortunately i missed out on getting it but i can't remember why, i did have a distaste for the movie it was based on so maybe that was the reason.Favorite 1990s Happy Meal ToysNov 05, 2019View
5079ArticleMr MagicI remember having one of the Tiny Toons cars. I never had any of the Power Rangers figures, but I do remember having one of the Power Coins when the movie was in theaters.Favorite 1990s Happy Meal ToysNov 05, 2019View
5080ArticleVaporman87This was a very timely article considering the recent 40th Anniversary of the Happy Meal and the release of several Happy Meal toys from years past.Favorite 1990s Happy Meal ToysNov 09, 2019View