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5047ArticleBenjanimethere was nothing quite like roaming around door to door with those mcdonald's halloween treat carrying buckets, loved the face designs on 'em. Sep 26, 2019View
5050ArticleVaporman87All three of these are perfect choices, but I don't know how you could ever narrow the many amazing Halloween ads down to three. There are just far too many good ones for me to ever pick three.Top Three Favorite Halloween AdsSep 27, 2019View
5052ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieVaperman, it was hard, but it gives me more to work with next time I do ads for next time. Top Three Favorite Halloween AdsSep 27, 2019View
5082ArticleBenjanimethe last real thanksgiving i had with my family, i went a little overboard with getting turkey meat on my plate then i proceeded to take a nap on the sofa at my aunt's house from being so full. probably also the best thanksgiving i had too.Memories of Thanksgivings PastNov 12, 2019View
5101ArticleVaporman87It wouldn't be Christmas without the Campbell's Soup ad, that's for sure.Even More Favorite Christmas AdsDec 24, 2019View
5103ArticleBenjanimei'm sure any kid growing up in the 1990s has that campbell's commercial enraved in their mind, it aired for the longest time, and then that M n M's christmas commercial came along.Even More Favorite Christmas AdsDec 28, 2019View
5001ArticleVaporman87This was a great idea for an article. One thing that really gets to me is the heat generated from surfaces in the sun too long. Anything really. I've had to pour water on my lawn mower seat to cool it down before!Summer Bummers: The Worst Moments of SummerAug 15, 2019View
5006ArticleBenjanimeright? that and having to leave any gas cans somewhere in the shade when lawn mowing as well. earning allowances has its sacrifices i guess, lol.Summer Bummers: The Worst Moments of SummerAug 15, 2019View
4986ArticleVaporman87I've often wondered, why hasn't there ever been a Ghostbusters II car litter bag. Turns out... there was! Like you said, with as many ways as there were to win an Ecto-1, every other vehicle on the road should have been one. So where were they all?Weirdest Ghostbusters 2 MerchandiseJul 28, 2019View
4989ArticleBenjanimemy super mario land article was a way of celebrating the game boy's 30th anniversary, another 1989 event that also kinda went under the radar. despite the oddities, i think this stuff is actually pretty interesting, the "ghost in a can" idea got a couple of laughs out of me.Weirdest Ghostbusters 2 MerchandiseJul 28, 2019View