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4959ArticleBenjanimealways nice to see how much of an impact burton's movie left on the film industry, taking gotham and evolving it into a dark, gothic and industrial-looking landscape inspiring future comics to emulate his craftmanship just proves how big it was to the franchise. great article showcasing all the neat stuff that came from it, awesome article as always hoju :) Jun 21, 2019View
4960ArticleCaps 2.0What I find interesting is that Taco Bell, which serves Pepsi drinks, promoted Batman '89 in theaters, while Coca-Cola's Diet Coke was promoted on the film's first VHS release. The two big names in soda both promoting Batman are proof of how big the movie was.Batman 1989 Movie MerchandiseJun 22, 2019View
4961ArticlejkatzRemember the Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck commercial for the WB Catalog that came with the vhs? "You can't watch a Warner Brothers movie without a Warner Brothers ballcap!"Batman 1989 Movie MerchandiseJun 22, 2019View
4962ArticleVaporman87Jkatz: I do remember the Bugs/Daffy ad on the VHS. Though it never persuaded me to take any action. Batman 1989 Movie MerchandiseJun 23, 2019View
4963ArticlejkatzWell, the ad had the opposite effect on me...unfortunately by the time I saw it, the number was long out of service. Back on topic: they recently re-released the Danny Elfman soundtrack on vinyl with nifty new artwork. And how can you overlook the action figure of Bob, the Joker's loyal henchman? You can even see him in the pictures you posted. Batman 1989 Movie MerchandiseJun 24, 2019View
4964ArticleOldSchool80sLoved the YouTube episode! So fun and so well done. Nice work.Batman 1989 Movie MerchandiseJun 26, 2019View
4965ArticleMr Magic@Caps: Chorus: Just for the taste of it. Diet Coke! Alfred: Ahh.Batman 1989 Movie MerchandiseJul 03, 2019View
4967ArticleVaporman87Thanks for the kind words Old School! We enjoyed getting this series going!Batman 1989 Movie MerchandiseJul 14, 2019View
4994ArticleRabbitearsblogWow! That's a lot of Batman merchandise! I especially love the Bat Car and the comics!Batman 1989 Movie MerchandiseAug 01, 2019View
5023ArticleBenjanimethe parachute seemed to be a one time experience in my childhood, as the only grade i ever saw and used it in was when i was in 3rd, then following every other year after the activities were different.Back To The Schoolyard!Aug 27, 2019View