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5007ArticleBenjanimewow, i thought this sounded familiar, it totally reminds me of shelly duvall's bedtime stories! this was a pretty neat in-depth look at rabbit ears and their work. great first article! Aug 15, 2019View
5009Articleechidna64Well done! The John Henry film is my favorite version, I love the B.B. King score. Rabbit Ears Productions: A RetrospectiveAug 15, 2019View
5016ArticleRabbitearsblogThanks everyone! Glad you got the chance to see what this series is all about! I also agree that B.B. King's score in "John Henry" was probably the best part of the story!Rabbit Ears Productions: A RetrospectiveAug 18, 2019View
5021ArticlejkatzThe poster for John Henry almost looks like it could be a Dreamworks movie.Rabbit Ears Productions: A RetrospectiveAug 18, 2019View
5022ArticleRabbitearsblogOooh! A John Henry movie from Dreamworks! Sounds awesome!Rabbit Ears Productions: A RetrospectiveAug 18, 2019View
5008ArticleBenjanimeman, i remember being such an avid nickelodeon viewer back in the day that the disney afternoon just flew right past me. i still watched their cartoons but i had no recollection of that block whatsoever. dbz was probably toonami's biggest hit on their block for a while until they really got off the ground in the 2000s with a ton of more anime. i'm a little upset that the toonami brand has been reduced to a late night schedule, but as long as i'm still hearing steve blum as tom, i'm somewhat happy :)13 Things that I remembered from my childhoodAug 15, 2019View
5011ArticleOldSchool80sI love nostalgia, too. Some of these same things apply to my childhood in the late-70s into the 80s. It is amazing how some of these things can bring back such strong memories or how a certain smell or sound can trigger those feelings. Fun stuff.13 Things that I remembered from my childhoodAug 16, 2019View
5014ArticleRabbitearsblogI agree that nostalgia can be a really good thing! I always love looking back at the things that I grew up with and how they affected me as an adult!13 Things that I remembered from my childhoodAug 18, 2019View
5015ArticleRabbitearsblogAaahhh... Steve Blum... He was the best Tom ever!13 Things that I remembered from my childhoodAug 18, 2019View
5024ArticlepikachuloverI usually got what I wanted for school supplies. There were a few exceptions. I didn't get a Trapper Keeper until I was in 6th grade. But I did get some fun folders like Lisa Frank, Disney and Garfield. Applause made some pun pencils. I had a Marsupilami one that had him twirl around when you wrote with it. I had some fun lunchboxes; Darkwing Duck, My Little Pony, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Rescue Rangers. I had a Looney Tunes one but someone stole it. I don't consider Lunchables because they were more of a treat for me than having a sandwich for lunch. I usually took my lunch to school anyway. I didn't like to take my markers or my fun shaped erasers or fat multi color pen to school. Because the other kids would steal and ruin them. Benjanime's Back to School EssentialsAug 28, 2019View