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4935ArticleOldSchool80sThe treasure hunt itself might be more fun than some of the finds. Think it is so cool that you are on this expedition. I try to pick some up if I come across them, but not actively scouring for them. Good work! Jitsu is my favorite of this bunch. May 18, 2019View
4945ArticleVaporman87This was a clever list! Almost all of these songs were enjoyed by me whenever they came across the radio. Good stuff!Top Songs from the 80s with Numbers in the TitleMay 29, 2019View
4969ArticleBenjanimei just thought i'd preface the main reason why i wrote this article, nintendo didn't seem to do anything to celebrate the game boy's 30th anniversary, so i thought i'd talk about one of its first games that released with the handheld. thanks for reading!The Bizarre World of Super Mario LandJul 18, 2019View
4973ArticleVaporman87Man... that anniversary flew right under the radar didn't it. At least it gave you the opportunity to dig into the finer points of a piece of it's library. Well done.The Bizarre World of Super Mario LandJul 19, 2019View
4951ArticleVaporman87Wow. There are few images in existence that could be claimed as "more late '80s/early'90s" than that Yogi D.A.R.E. poster. LOLTemple of Retro ToysJun 06, 2019View
4952ArticleBenjanimeman, is it just me or did hanna-barbera have a raging boner for mystery cartoons? lol.Temple of Retro ToysJun 06, 2019View
4953ArticlejkatzThose little golden books used to be EVERYWHERE...I know they're mostly an 80s/90s thing but I remember reading them in elementary school in the early 2000s. I think they've all but disappeared now. Temple of Retro ToysJun 07, 2019View
4954ArticleNLoganYou may have one of the only picture of a squeeze its package with the characters on it. I searched high and low and could not find one for my lunchroom article back in the day. I also had the pink panther stuffed animal.Temple of Retro ToysJun 07, 2019View
4968ArticlepikachuloverI had a bunch of those items growing up. The Ducktales book, the Little Mermaid book, The Snow White and Disney Mother Goose books on tape. The Mother Goose one was one my favorites to listen to and I had it memorized. Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby but the book and cassette version. A knockoff Super Soaker, Beauty and the Beast stickers, and the McDonald's Tamagotchi toy. I had the poster of the cat with the Teddy bear and the Safety in Numbers one. I remember what a big deal that Save by the Bell poster was in my 4th grade class. I think you got it free with an order from the book club. I think I purposely didn't order books so I would not get the poster. Temple of Retro ToysJul 17, 2019View
4974ArticleMr MagicSquidward was a jerk. But a likeable jerk.My introduction to SpongeBob SquarePantsJul 19, 2019View