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4943ArticleVaporman87For us, we usually passed the time by doing Mad Libs, playing on a handheld, and watching VHS tapes (when we had the conversion van with VCR in it). May 29, 2019View
4946ArticleNLoganNothing better than binging on Calvin and Hobbes and the Far Side.Benjanime's summer trip survival guideMay 29, 2019View
4955ArticleMr MagicNever heard of King Vitaman until I read this.The Summer ArchivesJun 19, 2019View
4956ArticleBenjanimehey guys, just thought i'd mention that this article was originally planned to be a bit longer, but with the limitation on length i had to narrow it down a chunk. it was nothing special though, i was just going to add some funny moments from these trips. so likely in the future if i have more lengthy stories like this to tell i'll start putting them in seperate parts.The Summer ArchivesJun 19, 2019View
4957ArticleVaporman87Great memories here Ben. I enjoyed reading them. Thanks for this.The Summer ArchivesJun 19, 2019View
4958ArticleBenjanimethanks for the comments, guys! always a pleasure to put an article together.The Summer ArchivesJun 19, 2019View
4926ArticleVaporman87A Harry and The Hendersons toy? What the heck? Talk about something totally out of left field. I had no clue there was ever ANY merchandise from that film aside from maybe a poster. Wow.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 5May 16, 2019View
4928ArticleMr MagicI remember my Green Ranger figure and talking 6 1/2 inch White Ranger.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 5May 16, 2019View
4930ArticleNLoganNinja commando action figure generic from China, no name (six styles) is your purple masked black belt ninja. 90s dollar store knock off. One even reuses a Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos Ninja Warrior head. Came in various color schemes. <img src="/images/postImages/1558047719ninjaknockoff.jpg">Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 5May 16, 2019View
4933ArticlejkatzJitsu looks like an Asian Mr. T.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 5May 17, 2019View