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4934ArticleBenjanimei hadn't planned to honestly, this article was just my own perspective of the tmnt media's rise and fall in popularity in the 90s, and i didn't know about the "coming out of their shells" or "turtle music" vhs tapes at the time of my childhood. if i think about it i'll give the bay movies a second look and write a different tmnt article someday, but for now i have several other articles in my backlog. i just thought i'd cover some tmnt history since it seems a bit scarce here. May 18, 2019View
4949Articleshakin steakInteresting that the third movie went lighter, and the first run late cartoons went darker, but both failed. I will say it sounds like both had good elements that are present in the original comics (time travel and other villains with dark theme). So were things poorly managed, or was everybody just tired of the characters? I never wanted to see the third movie. Honestly the first two are not good now and neither is the 86 series. However the 2003 show is decent. Nothing new though. It hews closely to the early comics. I think the lesson is to stick with quality writing from people who truly know the characters. Fast Forward was also good, imo. I still like the early comics and video games. Growing up I had the four trade paperbacks released by First Comics and they really collect some great stories. I think it’s a shame how much embarrassing material has been published in the TMNT name.The Rise and Fall of TMNTJun 01, 2019View
4950ArticleBenjanimeto put it simply, the third movie was so boring and lackluster to fans that they were losing interest in the franchise as a whole. thankfully the 2003 cartoon caused a resurgence and brought the fans back.The Rise and Fall of TMNTJun 01, 2019View
4970ArticleblueluigiI bought a RetroN 5 a few years ago. I enjoyed it for a little bit, and it was great to be able to use it as a way to run translation patches for certain Japanese games. I played the original Fire Emblem on the RetroN 5 for a little bit, before my entire team was wiped out, and I was only left with Marth to fight with. Eventually, as I purchased the XRGB Framemeister, and started looking into other ways of getting RGB out of my old consoles, the novelty of the RetroN 5 began to wear off for me. As I tried the RetroN 5 again, I soon realized that using the system doesn't feel that much different than running an emulator on my computer, or even using a Raspberry Pi. And also, I find the emulation on the NES and SNES Classic to be much better than the RetroN 5's emulation. The RetroN 5 is good as a cheaper and simple way of running retro games on your HDTV. But me personally, I'm so over emulation based clone consoles that run on cartridges. To me, I don't find those to be nearly as satisfying, especially when the console doesn't actually run the games straight from the cartridge. I find that if I were to ever buy another clone console that runs cartridges, then I would rather go for a system on a chip, like the FPGA consoles that Analouge makes, as those actually recreate the original hardware, and is not emulation based like other clone consoles are.Retron 5 ReviewJul 19, 2019View
4971ArticleBenjanime@blueluigi i wasn't too interested in the retron 5 myself until i heard about an exploit that can make the system run actual rom files, definitely a solution when it comes to scalpers selling games on ebay for a steep price. i may invest in a raspberry pi myself in the future, but for now i'll see how the retron goes for me.Retron 5 ReviewJul 19, 2019View
4972ArticleVaporman87I'm glad to learn you're getting some good mileage out of that RetroN 5 you saved up so long for. You earned it sir!Retron 5 ReviewJul 19, 2019View
4977ArticleBenjanime@vapor i think the icing on the cake was this being my 50th article, haha. i'm definitely loving this thing :) thanks again for gifting it and i'll have tons more articles on the way!Retron 5 ReviewJul 19, 2019View
4978ArticleRick Ace RhodesI just got the Retron 3 for my birthday last year. I originally wanted the 5 but after seeing all the negative reviews talk about the same issues with the console, I realized the 3 was a safer bet.Retron 5 ReviewJul 19, 2019View
4939ArticleMr MagicI loved reading Archie comics on car trips. Really made the hours go by.Benjanime's summer trip survival guideMay 28, 2019View
4941ArticleBenjanimemy stepdad had a towering stack of archie comics that ranged from the mid 80s to the 2000s, but they were for those long bathroom breaks lolBenjanime's summer trip survival guideMay 28, 2019View