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4906ArticleOldSchool80sLove it! My favorite is Mrs. Roper for sure. Apr 13, 2019View
4910ArticleHoju Koolander@vkimo Yeah, Shelley Long can be an acquired taste, but her character in Troop Beverly Hills is a total 180 from Diane on Cheers. Much kinder and goofier, less self-seriousness.10 Best Cameos In Troop Beverly HillsApr 18, 2019View
4903ArticleCaps 2.0There were many great covers in the 80s, but one of my favorite covers would have to be another Jules Shear cover, in this case, The Bangles' version of "If She Knew What She Wants", which I found to have more energy and passion than Shear's original: Cover Songs of the 80sApr 10, 2019View
4902ArticleVaporman87What a great list! Some of these hits I didn't realize (or had just forgotten) were covers. Top Cover Songs of the 80sApr 10, 2019View
4904ArticlepikachuloverI like Madness' cover of "It Must be Love". I also enjoy Depeche Mode's cover of "Route 66." It's one of the few uptempo songs Martin Gore sings lead on. Although it was a B-side to "Behind the Wheel". Top Cover Songs of the 80sApr 12, 2019View
4912Articletwcfan92Actually, "Always On My Mind" was first recorded by B.J. Thomas.Top Cover Songs of the 80sApr 20, 2019View
4924ArticleLazloHey, great list OldSchool80s! Wonderful music memories. I'm not sure how I could have gotten through my teen years without '80s music.Top Cover Songs of the 80sMay 11, 2019View
4925ArticleOldSchool80s@Lazlo Thank you very much! I agree 100% on your sentiment for 80s music. The soundtrack of my life.Top Cover Songs of the 80sMay 12, 2019View
4932ArticlejkatzI've never even heard of Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. Just from looking at the photo I can guess why. Are you going to cover the rest of the movies? I don't follow TMNT but I know there's at least a few more out there (not including the Michael Bay ones).The Rise and Fall of TMNTMay 17, 2019View
4934ArticleBenjanimei hadn't planned to honestly, this article was just my own perspective of the tmnt media's rise and fall in popularity in the 90s, and i didn't know about the "coming out of their shells" or "turtle music" vhs tapes at the time of my childhood. if i think about it i'll give the bay movies a second look and write a different tmnt article someday, but for now i have several other articles in my backlog. i just thought i'd cover some tmnt history since it seems a bit scarce here.The Rise and Fall of TMNTMay 18, 2019View