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4821ArticleVaporman87So... many... watches... Man, I would have killed for one of those Hitachi Video Printers back in the day! As well as the Yorx boom box. What a treasure trove of awesome stuff these catalogs are. You just can't beat 'em. Finally, I thought that name sounded familiar. Jason Liebig is the same dude who, way back when, was upset with our cereal box gallery and some images that OldSchool80s used in his McDonald's article, because they were used without consent (although one of his inferiors did grant us permission to use the cereal box images). Am I to assume you got permission to use these images? If not, he may send an assassin to kill us all.  Jan 30, 2019View
4822ArticleHoju Koolander@vaporman87 Well, I do credit him and his site directly here, so I think we're on the level. It's really a tribute to all his hard work in creating this incredible archive.Sears Wishbook Finds 1986-1989Jan 31, 2019View
4823ArticleVaporman87Just sleep with one eye open for now. Until the coast is clear. LOLSears Wishbook Finds 1986-1989Jan 31, 2019View
4825ArticleNLoganJason Liebig is cool if you credit him. He used to be an editor for marvel comics on Wolverine and Uncanny X-Men (during the stupid no nose, pirate mask, bone clawed, feral Wolverine period). He collects packaging and other ephemeral nostalgia pieces like catalogs. He has done quite a bit of work to show off his rare pieces. He called me out once for not crediting him. I reminded him that since most if not all are scans of actual packaging or product catalogs, with designs for playground equipment, catalog pages,etc. I failed to see how he would own images that are clearly copyrighted and or restricted by either the McDonald's corporation or Setmakers incorporated, or Sears, Hasbro, Kenner, whatever food corporation, etc. in the first place. I asked him if he got permission from them to photograph or scan their artist's works, designs, sculpts, products, food item packaging, and characters? The photos are in the public domain and he is displaying them on a website whose motto is "Share your photos, Watch the world" Flickr, or his own like candy collectors, or the wishbook one. I suggested that if he felt that he owned the images of trademarked McDonald's Characters or food items produced by McDonald's or other companies I suggest either putting a watermark over his images, putting them in a private gallery to be sold, or not displaying them over the public access portion of the internet. He told me to just be courteous and source his photos if I use them. He turned out to be a pretty cool guy with similar interests (besides his involvement with Wolverine at his worst, I have forgiven him I would have jumped at the chance to work on a book with my favorite character, it is not like he was the artist). Just make sure he is credited. A link to his website doesn't hurt either. You did both I see no problem. I have been visiting the candy collecting and wishbook sites for years and would have directed you to them sooner had I known you were unaware. I thought they were pretty much common knowledge and even used one I think to show you your Transformers pajamas.Sears Wishbook Finds 1986-1989Jan 31, 2019View
4832ArticleOldSchool80sHad a whole bunch of those LJN Wrestling Superstars. Those Sears Catalogs really are true time machines and dripping with nostalgia!Sears Wishbook Finds 1986-1989Feb 02, 2019View
4834ArticleDalek227This was awesome, and thanks for the heads up about the website with the wish book uploads! I know what i'm doing all night bwhaha!! And I just messaged my mom on facebook because I swear we had that Disney trunk with Mickey and the gang on it!Sears Wishbook Finds 1986-1989Feb 05, 2019View
4844ArticlepikachuloverMy neighbor and I used to go the Toys R Us and look at the play 80s wigs. And I found some late 80s style Mickey Mouse stuff if you put "80s Mickey" sometimes you can find it. Sears Wishbook Finds 1986-1989Feb 09, 2019View
4829ArticleBenjanimethe first one on the list isn't just the most identifiable but i felt it was the most overused too. i had cousins that played that song, two friends who sang it constantly while it was still popular and it was at the point where i felt like i'd scream if i heard anymore of it lol.ThatDudeintheHoodie's Favorite 90s Love SongsFeb 01, 2019View
4831ArticleOldSchool80sI do like All-4-One, but how can you just mention 3? And have none from Boyz II Men? I am, of course, more of an 80s guys, but I could probably make a strong list of 25-50 Love Songs from the 90s.ThatDudeintheHoodie's Favorite 90s Love SongsFeb 02, 2019View
4833ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieOldSchool, I usually do it for both to give me material to come back to and to not overload people. Ben, the sooner I got it out there, the better lol. ThatDudeintheHoodie's Favorite 90s Love SongsFeb 02, 2019View