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4891ArticleVaporman87You experienced the tail-end of what we children of the '80s call "Satanic Panic". A period during which anything and everything was clearly the work of the Devil. This included rock music, video games, television, toys, and on and on and on. Even He-Man and The Masters of the Universe was not immune to this insanity, as many of us here know (I think most of us have seen the television clip from the early '80s in which two guys are discussing all the ways that MOTU was a tool of ol' Lucifer). While this type of thing still goes on in churches, it isn't nearly the national uproar it was then.  Mar 26, 2019View
4893ArticleBenjanimewhen the yu-gi-oh card game got introduced that also became victim labeling it as satanic worship and for some reason comparing them to tarot cards. it saddens me to still see harmless fantasy games being torn to shreds from these witch hunts coming from controversy. What they see is kids learning to fight each other to the death, but what the kids themselves see is a creative way of interacting with each other through friendship. in a way i do agree that any minors playing call of duty can potentially learn about killing because of the imagery they're seeing as they play, but with playing cards all you're doing is strategizing while looking at plain static images on the cards. there's nothing offensive about it.Pok'emon - A pastor perspectiveMar 27, 2019View
4895ArticleMr MagicI remember someone on Retrojunk, who was offended by the evolution concept, doing a thread on there.Pok'emon - A pastor perspectiveMar 27, 2019View
4897Articleechidna64Not for Satanic reasons, but I remember when schools banned them. This limited our card trading to bus rides. One time a teacher actually confiscated my whole deck and when I asked for them at the end of class, she said that she didn't know where they were. Luckily I spotted them on her desk and got them back but what if I didn't? Would she have kept them permanently? Pok'emon - A pastor perspectiveMar 27, 2019View
4898ArticleBenjanimefunnily enough me and some friends actually got away with trading our cards from under the school cafeteria tables, even during the ban. i guess the staff weren't on patrol as much unless they saw a fight breaking out.Pok'emon - A pastor perspectiveMar 27, 2019View
4890ArticleOldSchool80sLoved MST3K!!!Favorite Clubs from the 90'sMar 26, 2019View
4892ArticleVaporman87Looking back now, I wish I had signed up for the MST3K Info Club. I wonder what items one received from it? It would be cool to have some things from that club in a collection today.Favorite Clubs from the 90'sMar 26, 2019View
4894ArticleBenjanimei got a nintendo power vibe from that minnie's diary magazine section, the layout reminded me of the early issues of the magazine when they would feature celebrity interviews like tim allen. love coming back to nostalgic memories like this.Mickey Mouse Magazine 1988Mar 27, 2019View
4896ArticlejkatzIt's so wholesome to see a children's magazine promote reading.Mickey Mouse Magazine 1988Mar 27, 2019View
4899ArticleHoju Koolander@jkatz What, you don't think kids are getting a decent education from all their apps? Yeah, me neither. @Benjanime Yeah, I have a few issues of Nintendo Power with retro celebrities like Wil Wheaton and Michael Dorn from Star Trek: The Next Generation, New Kids On The Block and then some totally forgotten performers like The Jets.Mickey Mouse Magazine 1988Mar 29, 2019View