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4319ArticlekodakofiremembergamingYou inspired me. As a kid who was spending time in that office I have had a few stories but one that rocked our entire small town. This was a good article . It read very well and I enjoyed it. Good work. Mar 23, 2018View
285VideoVaporman87You have to love the shelf full of used diapers. LOL Ren and Stimpy: Big Baby Scam/Dog ShowFeb 08, 2013View
2665ArticlePeZZ!you have all 78 half hour episodes fully recorded on vhs tapes? if so then that is awesome!Menace ManiaSep 18, 2015View
4749ArticleHoju KoolanderYou had good taste in the 90s. I totally had that clear model of YakBak and used it in my imaginary secret agent adventures as an all purpose device of deception. Glad you eventually got your GameBoy. I learned early on that if I could wait a year or two I would often find my most desired toys at garage sales for cheap and end up with more than if I had begged for them when new. A habit I continue with to this day.A Christmas wishlist of the '90sDec 20, 2018View
2380ArticleHoju KoolanderYou had good taste for a dreamer of toys. I actually owned the Laser Tag, Hit Stix and an old chemistry set, but as incomplete hand me downs.Yesterdays: Things I DIDN'T Have As A KidJul 11, 2015View
2168ArticlemassrealityYou guys are so lucky. About six months after I got out of that stupid cast, I broke my freakin collarbone. Then right as that was almost healed, I tripped over the sidewalk and rebroke it. That was a rough year for me. Rec Center Memories - Chicken FightMar 28, 2015View
3863ArticlejkatzYou guys are getting waaay ahead of me -_- But yeah, all that and more will be covered in upcoming installments.The Secret Origin of Miracleman, Pt.1!Apr 24, 2017View
2976ArticleDirtyD79You got snowed on too during a Halloween? Geez, I seriously wonder why they don't move Halloween to like July or something. Even when it ain't snowing it's still chilly out up in the Northeast part of the country.Halloween: 10 year old terrorOct 19, 2015View
2554Articlecomic_book_fanyou forgot Erick Mathews from bmwSitcom Characters Who Got StupidAug 21, 2015View
4891ArticleVaporman87You experienced the tail-end of what we children of the '80s call "Satanic Panic". A period during which anything and everything was clearly the work of the Devil. This included rock music, video games, television, toys, and on and on and on. Even He-Man and The Masters of the Universe was not immune to this insanity, as many of us here know (I think most of us have seen the television clip from the early '80s in which two guys are discussing all the ways that MOTU was a tool of ol' Lucifer). While this type of thing still goes on in churches, it isn't nearly the national uproar it was then. Pok'emon - A pastor perspectiveMar 26, 2019View